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June 18, 2008

5th and 1

Filed under: sports 56 — Andy Skrzat @ 10:17 pm

So this is my first post. I feel I owe you all a brief history on to why you should, or should not, listen to me.

I started working at Sports56 at the beginning of last school year. I’m about 99% sure that i’m the youngest one there, though if you look at Ed, it’s debatable.

Anywho, I’m from philadelphia and a die hard fan of everyone there: Flyers, Eagles, Sixers, Phillies, Villanova, etc., etc.

I chose the title of 5th and 1 for this particular blog because it reminds me of the Eagles 4th and 26 play against Green Bay all those years back. What if they didn’t convert? It’s just one of many what if’s in Philadelphia sports. What if Joe Carter didn’t hit that home run? What if Kimmo Timonen didn’t get a blood clot in his ankle? What if Ronde Barber didn’t pick off McNabb? These are just a few examples.

Anyway, I’ll post something once a week, though it may not particularly about sports. My goal is hopefully to get you guys to think. Just…try. Please. To start this week, I’ll give you one basic question.

Recently, Tiger Woods boasted that golf was more entertaining to watch than play-off hockey. Personally, I think the comparison is not even close. However, this weekend, Mr. Woods completed an amazing comeback, despite a sore knee. Bearing this in mind, which do you think is a bigger feat: Tiger Woods and his comeback, or a hockey player going day in and out through the NHL play-offs with two (not a typo) separated shoulders?

If you care to answer, just leave a comment. Assume I’m not biased, though I do respect most athletes for their abilities ON THE FIELD, not so much what they do off.

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