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June 17, 2008

Grizz Draft Workouts, June 16th

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I decided to head over to FedEx Forum for the draft workouts on Monday morning because I wanted to check out Anthony Randolph and see if he were a viable option for the Grizz at the 5 pick. Six players worked out–Randolph, Kansas’ Darrell Arthur, Vandy’s Shan Foster, WKU’s Courtney Lee, Rhode Island’s Will Daniels, and Bradley’s Jeremy Crouch. Here are my thoughts:

Anthony Randolph:
Looking at the guy, you can certainly see why he will be a lottery pick. He’s extremely long and tall (every bit of 6’11), has great athleticism, and an okay jumper out to about 20 feet or so, with the potential to have 3 point range. He was extremely thin though, and is definitely 2 or 3 years at least from being a finished product. He was clearly the most physically gifted player at the workout. But he was lackadaisical. He didn’t look like a guy who was hungry to be the 5th pick in the draft…he looked like a guy who has dominated every level he’s ever been on because he’s so much more athletic than everyone. He kind of drifted during the 3-on-3 games when he didn’t have the ball, and didn’t bust it in workouts. At best, he’s Lamar Odom, but he has a lot of Stro-tential. Wouldn’t take him at 5 based on this workout.

Courtney Lee: Had a great workout. He’s about 6’3 or 6’4 with great spring on his jumpshot and lots of athleticism. Didn’t get tired at all, which most of the other guys were. If you ask me, one of the two most impressive players at the workout. The Grizzlies seemingly were auditioning him for the #28 pick, but if he’s been working out like this, no way he’s there. Think Monta Ellis. If he’s there at 28, don’t be surprised if the Grizz take him, based on the workout and the fact that he was the best player on a Sweet 16 team.

Darrell Arthur: Very physically imposing guy who also was very good at the workout. Plays with a lot of energy on both offense and defense. Played extremely physically at the workout and showed he wasn’t afraid of contact down low. Also showed great touch on his jumpshot, with range out to 18 or 19 feet consistently. Did look very tired at the end of the workout, but he did play with a lot of energy, so it wasn’t unexpected. Think a poor man’s Elton Brand, or a better Brandon Bass. Wouldn’t take him at 5, but some team late in the lottery will get a good player.

Shan Foster: Doesn’t have the athleticism necessary to play a 2 in the NBA, but can really shoot. Also showed me that he’d be great in a locker room, as he was constantly encouraging the other players at the workout and seemed very likable. He did miss about 6 two handed dunks in a row at the beginning of the workout because he couldn’t quite get up at rim level. Will be drafted in the 2nd round, and could have a really nice career in Europe.

Will Daniels:
Extremely physical guy who looked like he had 3 or 4 skills in a shooting guard’s body. Likely a late draft pick, if at all…but get him in your NBDL Fantasy League.

Jeremy Crouch: Hope he got his degree from Bradley.

Overall, I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be with Anthony Randolph, and would be surprised if the Grizz took him at 5 based on the workout. From what Tony Barone said afterwards, I did gather that he (and presumably Chris Wallace) really liked Danilo Gallinari, who worked out for them with Brook Lopez the day before. Don’t be shocked if the Grizz take Gallinari, barring some kind of trade.


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