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June 12, 2008

Bridfeed: from….who knows

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That retarded sex and the city movie: okay, i really shouldnt even comment on this piece of crap but i might as well. HELL no i didnt see it, but it cant be any good. What self-respecting guy would voluntarily go see this thing? The only way for some chic (she BETTER be hot if she wants to try this…and there’s still no guarantee i’d consent) to get me to consider seeing it is to provide me with sex, in the city, before seeing sex in the city. I mean really, so its gotta be about chics just looking for sex right? So chics NEVER think about that stuff huh?

Gas prices: So i’m in the weight room and CNBC offers this highly insightful “BREAKING NEWS”: Stocks slump on higher gas prices. This is News? BREAKING NEWS? Hasn’t this been going on this whole year? Maybe I’ve been under a rock and there’s something deeper going on this year, but i’m pretty sure the rapid spike at the pump has had an impact on the economy and stocks.

Okay, most of yall will call me a REALLY CRAZY (i already know i’m wierd and crazy). Some of yall might even dare to compare me to a certain host whom Will Askew and Rob Fischer must endure on the Sports Bar (Monday-Friday, 3-6PM) but I consider the Top 3 WRs in the NFL to be: No.1, Randy Moss, No. 2, Plaxico Burress, No. 3 Terrell Owens. Yes, I know, Owens has gaudy numbers and an absurd combination of size and speed and has done alot for the Dallas Offense. I’m not denying any of that. I also admit he could well win a title this year (Dallas is probably my favorite) but my logic rests largely behind what he means to his team. Owens has the help of a stellar supporting cast which includes Romo (whom i consider to still be a better overall QB to Eli Manning), plus Jason Whitten, Patrick Crayton, Marion Barber III, and Jason Garrett (a stellar play caller). Plax’s only real weapon whose been a factor during his tenure has been Amani Toomer (whom i consider one of the most underrated players in the NFL). Shockey has hardly played (compared to the all-pro Whitten) and I’d take Barber over Jacobs any day. Again, Terrell is an exceptional player and has done a ton for Dallas, but he has a better supporting cast to keep his numbers high, whereas Plax has to carry more of the load himself offensively.

I wonder if anybody’s even reading this after the last paragraph. Driving for something cheaper: What’s the fascination some ppl. have with driving 10 miles out of the way to save 3 cents per gallon on gas? I’m going to offer another AMAZING revelation: this will not actually save you money. In fact, it probably COSTS you more money, as you fritter away the savings by consuming more gas to get get to that station which $3.82 instead of $3.85.

Well, i’m sick of looking at a computer screen so i’m gonna stop for now.

More insight later



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