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June 1, 2008

Sunday on the Couch!

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What a disappointing weekend.  The NBA Playoffs are off until Thursday, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are all but over, and I missed Italian Fest.  I guess I’m still recovering from BBQ Fest.  Anyway, on to my thoughts of the week…..

Big Brown has a broken hoof.  I hope he survives the Belmont.  Obviously, he’s hurt.  If it wasn’t a painful process, he wouldn’t have had to take days off from practicing.  I hope it doesn’t affect his running for history.  I asked this question on Friday- If you had to bet $1000 of your own hard earned cash, and I gave you 10-1 odds either way, would you put your grand on Big Brown or the field?  I think I’d have to go with Big Brown.  So far, he hasn’t been tested through the first two legs of the crown.  If there’s a horse out there to beat Big Brown, don’t you think we would have seen that horse by now?  However, history is not on his side.  Should be an exciting Saturday at the track.

Speaking of excitement, I look forward to getting out to Southwind this week.  The SSJC once again has a terrific field and after all of the improvements to the ammenities last year, I can’t wait to see the improvements again this year.  We’ll be broadcasting from the Eagle’s Nest Wednesday-Friday.  Hope to see you there.

Why does Joey Crawford continue to referee big games throughout the playoffs?  Wasn’t he kicked out of the league a year ago for being an egotistical, enraged, borderline bi-polar, nuissance?  So what does the NBA do?  They put him in game 4 with the Lakers and Spurs- the team he got kicked out of the league for- to blow the series for the Spurs.  I’m not saying that the Brent Barry noncall lost the Spurs the series, but the horrendous officiating throughout that game didn’t help.

Congrats to World Renowned Executive Chef at FedExForum, Mark the Chef, who beat us with his NBA Playoff picks.  After beating the Sports Bar in NFL picks this season, Chef clinched at least a tie for the best record with his Lakers-Celtics selections.  Here are the latest standings:

Chef (12-2), Will (11-3), Coach Dave Joerger (11-3), Weinberger (10-4), Fish (9-5).  I guess I’ve learned my lesson and will just copy the Chef’s pick for the Final.

Boston and LA were two of my favorite places to visit this season.  Even though it’s not the old Garden, the parquet floor in Boston is still very special.


While Boston has a feeling of history, LA has a great feeling of drama.  Only Madison Square Garden and Staples Center have the feeling of a stage.  When you walk on the floor at Staples, you feel like you’re a performer.  It’s an amazing place. 


The atmosphere alone will make it a fun series to watch.  It’s a classic matchup in two classic gyms.

By the way, at some point I’d love to see Kevin Garnett actually take over a game.  KG has averaged 20-10 in the playoffs, but I’d like to see how many of those numbers are blown up in the 1st half.  He’s been disappointing down the stretch of games passing up shots, turning the ball over, and looking like he doesn’t know whether to poop or wind his watch.  Come On KG!  Play like an MVP.  You’re the best player.  Don’t pass up shots, or give the ball to Rondo!  SHOOT!

I hope Greg Popovich pulls a John Chaney and throws a goon after Sasha Vujacic in the preseason.  His three pointer at the end of Game 5 was uncalled for and completely classless.  Have a clue Sasha.  It amazes me when guys in the big leagues can’t figure out what playing the game is all about.  It’s little things like this that start brawls because of someone acting like a complete idiot.  If this incident starts a riot next season, I’m all for it.  Sasha needs to be taught a lesson on etiquette and class.

Are we finally done with Mark Jackson?  Do we have to actually hear him throughout the NBA Finals?  He is AMAZINGLY HORRIDEOUS!  Is ESPN maybe trying to get him an NBA job so they can get rid of him?  Are they showcasing his skills?  One thing we know- his communication skills need some work.  He continues to be unlistenable and continues to get every big game.  It’s a joke.  The bigger joke is that the Grizzlies considered him for the GM job before hiring Chris Wallace.  There’s a brilliant decision made by Michael Heisley!  Write that one down Calkins!

It’s time people start recognizing what Mike Miller does for our community.  Mike and his family donated $200K to St. Jude this week.  It was the largest contribution ever made by A Grizzlies player.  He’s a huge part of the Memphis community and we are lucky to have him.  He has another event coming up July 12-13.  There’s a golf tournament at Tunica National and a poker tournament the following day.  Plus, there will be a party Saturday night with a silent auction, a live auction, and music from Sister Hazel.  All the proceeds benefit the Mike Miller Foundation.  It’s a great cause and a great time.  Get all of the information at, or by calling Dave Martin at 678-522-6881.  Celebrities already committed are Joe Johnson (who co-hosts the event), Bob Huggins, Dominique Wilkins, Udonis Haslem, and many Grizzlies teammates. 

I apologize to Eli Savoie.  I told Eli that Danica Patrick was overrated in all aspects of her career.  When I said that I wouldn’t even talk to Danica at a bar, Eli flipped his top.  He proceeded to show me a couple of reasons why I would love to say hi to her, and here they are:


Sorry Eli.  I would be grateful if Danica were to even speak to me.  A nod would suffice!

When does the WNBA start?  Don’t the Superwoman commercials suck?  The only thing good about them is that I get a chuckle every time they are on.  They remind me of the Soul Glow commercials on Coming to America

Weekly Dish


Jose Canseco to fight former Eagles return specialist

Jose Canseco has his fight set for July 12th at Bernie Robbins Stadium in Atlantic City. Canseco will fight NBC-10 sports director and former St. Louis Cardinals return specialist Vai Sikahema. Canseco and his “roided” people are trying to convince network TV execs that a tour would be worth while!  TV really isn’t that bad, is it?  Sikahema will get $5000 for the beating.  Bodog has released the odds with Canseco the favorite (-280) and Sikahema the dog (+200). 


Lance Armstrong with Kate Hudson?

Lance Armstrong has a way of sweeping women off their feet — and into relationships VERY quickly. He did it with first wife, Kristin, ditto with singer Sheryl Crow and designer Tory Burch. Now the cyclist has done it with Kate Hudson. They are “unable to stop touching each other constantly,” one source says. But when it comes to relationships, Armstrong isn’t too good at going the distance. One big shot in the world of cycling says, “Lance is great in the beginning with women, but then they quickly discover how self-centered he is. He has this thing for finding famous women but he wants them to put their careers in second place to take care of him and his needs.”  How can one of the greatest Americans be so bad with relationships?  I guess he has a flaw or two- LIKE DOPING!


Antonio: Cameron’s Got the Best Seat in the House

TMZ- At game 5 of the Lakers-Spurs series, Antonio Banderas drooled over Cameron Diaz’s ass!  Unfortunately, this mini-“Shrek” reunion was not for all audiences — especially Melanie Griffith.


Fat America!

The average American spends $500 a year on fast food, making the industry a major part of the economy. Half the population eats fast food once a week, with 20% eating it every other day. — Ad Age 


Fonz to Go Bronze in Milwaukee

Milwaukee plans on honoring Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli by erecting a bronze statue of the greaser along the Milwaukee River. Heyyyy!
The unveiling of the Fonz statue is set for August 19.  No word yet on Potsie’s statue.


Daddy Joe blocked from Romo huddle

BY BILL ZWECKER Sun-Times Columnist

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are back ”on,” but a college pal of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback says it’s Romo who’s calling all the plays.

”He did agree to go to [sister Ashlee’s] wedding — keeping his promise to Jessica,” Romo’s Eastern Illinois alum chum told me. ”But he made it super-clear that if they were to give it another go, her dad had to seriously back off.”

Joe Simpson has long been seen as an overbearing presence, as he managed both his daughters’ careers.  Simpson has earned a reputation as being a guy extremely difficult with whom to work.

My source says Romo has told Jessica their renewed relationship is ”a trial thing,” dependent on Daddy Joe ”leaving them alone” and stifling his tendency to tell Romo how to run his life, career and endorsement deals.


Playing Football Makes You Shorter

(WebMD) Researchers report that repetitive blocking and tackling — coupled with the weight of helmets and pads – can temporarily shave nearly half an inch off of players’ heights.
They studied 10 high school football players — lineman, defensive tackles, and others whose positions involved repetitive blocking and tackling. The average height of players before the game was 69.5 inches. Afterward, it was 69.2 inches.


Mike Tyson tells Birmingham crowd his fighting days are over

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson floored an audience in Birmingham when he revealed he has definitely hung up his gloves for good.  The 42-year-old met with fans at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham and revealed that he has now given up training in the gym and is instead looking to enjoy life.


Miller renews sponsorship with Dallas Cowboys

Miller Brewing Co. is renewing its longtime marketing relationship with the Dallas Cowboys, in a deal that NFL sources say is likely the largest sponsorship ever for an individual U.S. team outside of naming rights. The 10-year sponsorship deal, which NFL sources say will average about $8 million a year, will begin when the team moves into its new billion-dollar stadium next season. At that point Miller will have been the Cowboys’ exclusive beer sponsor for an astounding 30 years.


Spitz Gets Soap-A-Doped by God Freaks

Mark Spitz — the guy who won seven swimming gold medals back at the 1972 Olympics — says a soap company is killing him one bottle at a time, and he wants them to stop … or at least pay him for it.

Spitz says in a lawsuit, he’s mentioned in the same breath on the labels of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps with guys like Jesus, Mohammed, Lenin, Carl Sagan, and Einstein — all of whom are dead. Not only that, he says his name is being used to push the line of hippie soaps without his permission, and if the company’s going to call him a prophet, which they do, he wants to see some profit.
The company says they’ll give Spitz free soap for life and make a donation to the charity of his choice if he settles.


Pittsburgh-area radio host removed after Kennedy remark

Pittsburgh sports radio host Mark Madden has been taken off the air by ESPN.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette quoted Madden as saying that he had hoped Sen. Edward Kennedy “would live long enough to be assassinated.” The Massachusetts Democrat has a malignant brain tumor. Madden made the remark during his show Wednesday.

ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz said the network removed Madden from the air “pursuant to our contractual rights.” He said the comment was inappropriate and that ESPN and Madden had apologized to listeners.


Carmen Takes Her Pole Wherever She Wants

Carmen Electra’s latest project is her greatest achievement yet: Portable stripper poles.
Carmen is unveiling the product under the guise of its being “a good workout.” “They’re so much fun,” she says. “I actually put one up in the living room with the help of a girlfriend.”  VERY INTERESTING!
She also tells People, “I hope to be a mom some day, but I’m not rushing to be one.”


Robert Downey Jr. might play Hugh Hefner

Robert Downey Jr. should start trying on silk pajamas.  Director Brett Ratner (X-Men: The Last Stand) tells that he’s met with and wants the Iron Man star to portray Playboy founder Hugh Hefner in Ratner’s planned biopic, tentatively titled Playboy. “Robert Downey Jr. agreed to do it based on the script,” the director says. “He loves the character and the role and we’ve been meeting with him on it. So, if he wants to do it, we’re excited to have him.  We wanted him before Iron Man so we were ahead of the curve.” Downey’s rep declined to comment.


“Viva Hoff Vegas”

David Hasselhoff wants to make a triumphant return to the Sin City scene.
He starred in “The Producers” at the Paris last year, and now he’s working on something called “Viva Hoff Vegas” this year, says Vegas Confidential. “It’s a fun act,” the Hoff has said. “I had a ball in Vegas … and I think Vegas wants to see The Hoff, so I’m putting together a knock-down, drag-out, crazy, make-fun-of-my-life Hoff show.”


Website Thumbs Nose at Kobe

As TMZ first reported, Kobe Bryant’s lawyer has fired off a letter to, demanding that a post regarding Kobe and a former Laker Girl be taken down. Dirty claimed Kobe had an affair with 18-year-old Vanessa Curry, who has resigned her position as a Laker Girl. Now Dirty’s lawyer has fired back, claiming the story is true. The lawyer says EVEN if it isn’t true, “because Mr. Bryant has previously publicly admitted to similar acts of infidelity … it seems unlikely that any jury would find ‘actual malice.'”


‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ in the Works

(FROM VARIETY) – Paramount is developing a fourth installment of Beverly Hills Cop with Eddie Murphy reprising his role as Detroit detective Axel Foley.  The fourth Cop movie is set to start production some time next year for a summer 2010 release.  


Gary Payton would get sex change for $100 million

Gary Payton, appearing as a guest host on FSN’s “Best Damn Sports Show Period,” asked: For $100 million, would he get a sex change and play in the WNBA “Yes.” The test said his answer was true.


Quotes of the Week (

”Shut up! I really mean that, from the bottom of my heart.”


”NASA has developed a $250 million device that will allow astronauts to convert their urine into drinking water. Which sounds impressive — but it’s really just a urinal cake taped to a Brita filter.”


”The Hillary Clinton campaign — $21 million in debt. Yep, that’s right, and so now, when she gets that 3 a.m. phone call, it’s a loan shark.”

Birthdays this week: Bobcat Goldthwait (46), Brent Musburger (69), Phillip Michael Thomas (59), Hank Williams Jr. (59), John Wayne (101), Lenny Kravitz (44), Stevie Nicks (60), Sam Snead (96), Jeff Bagwell (40), Danny Wuerffel (34), Jeremy Mayfield (39), Lou Gossett Jr. (72), Todd Bridges (43), Vincent Price (97), Jerry West (70 and crying), Glen Rice (41), Gladys Knight (64), John Fogerty (63), Rudy Giuliani (64), Al Under (69), Annette Benning (50 and AMAZING!), Melissa Etheridge (47), Bob Hope (105), John F. Kennedy (91), Latoya Jackson (53), Lisa Whelchel (45- IT’S Blair from Facts of Life!), Gale Sayers (65), Manny Ramirez (36), Wynonna Judd (43), Joe Namath (65), Kenny Lofton (41), Clint Eastwood (78 and still kickin’ ass!), Marilyn Monroe (82), Alan Ameche (75), Alanis Morissette (34), Andy Griffith (82), Heide Klum (35), and Brooke Shields (43- COUGAR). 

I loved Brooke Shields as a kid.  She was my #1 when I was in my teens.  When I used to collect autigraphs, Brooke was one of my favorites of all time!!

There’s plenty happening this week in Tunica.  For a complete list of events and attractions in Tunica, Mississippi, click on the link below.  Get easy access to the casino’s, golf courses, and all other entertainment.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming up this month in Tunica:

June 6 – 7

Ricky Lynn Gregg



June 7

Billy Currington

Sam’s Town


June 13

B.B. King



June 14

Battle on the Bluff presented by: Chris Caudy

Sam’s Town


June 21

Merle Haggard



June 27

The Temptations

Sam’s Town



There will not be a 3 Person Scramble at Tunica National this week.  The MS State Amateur Championship begins Thursday. The Championship will be held at Tunica National June 5-8. There are some notable names in this year’s field including two former champions, Clay Homan and Kyle Ellis, the defending champion, Steve Wilson and the current Jr. Amateur Champion, Jonathan Randolph. The tee times and pairings for rounds one and two are posted on the website. The field will be paired for both the first and second round and play with the same group in both rounds.  Just call 866-TEE-OFF1 for more information or go online at  See you there.

Talk to y’all this week.


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