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June 1, 2008

Birdfeed and Random Thoughts

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1.) I like Manny Ramirez as a player a lot (there’s really no way i can make that sentence sound okay). The whole Manny being Manny stuff, really i find it amusing, b/c he’s himself, he seems real (okay, i dont know him, but that’s the impression i get–speaking of, remember that song by the Mighty Mighty Boss Tones? great hit from another one hit wonder). Anyway for as much as i loathe the ESPN/mainstream media love affair with Boston, I appreciate Manny’s refreshing personality especially for how he still approaches the game and consistently hits well (.286 so far this year, .296 last year, .321 in 2006, and really he’s hovered around or above .300 for the his whole career) , rather than being just another guy (cough Ortiz, cough Ryan Howard) who seems to swing for the fence each at bat, and either strikes out or homers. ALL that said, it’s a shame that a certain Sports TV network refuses to give Ken Griffey Jr. the same attention for his 600th homer quest it has given Manny in his chase for career home run 500. Live at bat by at bat coverage for the guy from Boston, but hardly any attention at all for the guy from Cincy. I’m not saying Manny hasn’t accomplished alot in his career and that Griffey has been so stellar, I’m merely highlighting how ESPN has its head stuck in between Boston and New York (and with the Cowgirls, Cubs, and Lakers), and anything that goes on with the above mentioned teams/cities trumps any other sports news. Watch the FSN Final Score if you want a less biased highlight show than what ESPN produces. That said, I’ll still watch ESPN and this does not mean I’m boycotting it.

2.) I’ve been reading Tony Kornheiser’s book “I’m Back for More Cash,” and i can’t put it down (okay, i’m writing this and not reading that book right now, but you get the point). Anyway it shows how witty he is, which is appealing reading material to a wise ass like yours truly.

3.) Andrew Miller of the Marlins. Didn’t he go to Carolina? He’s been tearing it up and is part of that solid young core in Florida.

4.) Cole Hammels. He’s been struggling lately, which is unfortunate b/c i love watching him pitch when he’s on. Games in which he pitches and pitches well tend to end in, oh 2 hours and 20 minutes, which is great considering baseball needs to hasten its slow pace (specific suggestions will come at some point).

5.) Overcast, cloudy days like today really confuse my body and sinuses, i don’t know why. Actually maybe i do. The weather needs to make up its mind, which really doesn’t happen here in Memphis.

More to Come, my mind can’t think of more stuff to say, so i’ll just blame the weather.




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