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June 30, 2008

5th and 1

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Could we please stop talking about Chad Johnson? I’m sitting here right now listening ‘Ocho Cinco’ proclaim that he loves Cincinnati and its fans. He goes on to say that it is perfect, but is tired about hearing coach Marvin Lewis give the “same speech every year about how we’re going to get to the big dance.”

Chad is a great player. He’s incredible. His 343 first down catches top even Holt.

The problem is, he’s mentally challenged. Chad can’t seem to figure out his own story, much less the business that is professional sports, which make it even more painful to listen to him run his mouth.

What happened to the glory days when athletes took care of this type of business behind closed doors? I know that players back to Ruth would complain about their contracts, but it was done with class.

Maybe the problem isn’t the players, but their agents who want to be in the spotlight. Johnson, like many other loud-mouthed athletes, are represented by none other than Drew Rosenhaus. Could their be a bigger waste of flesh out there? The man has done nothing but stir up controversy.

Some people just need to be shut up. Where does this cycle of inflated egos begin? Is it the athlete’s fault? If so, is it because of their up-bringing or because of the fans?

Or is it really the agent’s doing this behind the scenes? Maybe they’re so insecure because they never had the talent to play in any of the major leagues, this is the only way they figure they can get into the limelight.

Either way, this is getting ridiculous. Something needs to break, and hopefully it’s the jaw bone of every athlete who doesn’t appreciate what he or she has. There are plenty of people who would love a tenth of that 3 million dollar/year contract.

Shut up and play.

Congrats to Fresno State.


Sunday on the Couch!

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Well, I guess I’ll give my two cents on the draft. 

First off, I want to talk about Mike Miller.  I consider Mike a friend, and arguably the best ambassador of basketball for this city that the Grizzlies have ever had.  His dedication to give back has made Mike and his family special people in Memphis who will be sorely missed.  He gave his body every night, and effort every night, whether the Grizzlies were winning or losing.  He was always entertaining to be around and was a great teammate.  Just like Shane Battier, it’s tough to see him go.  I wish him the best and the Timberwolves will soon see what a terrific asset they have acquired for the team and the community.  I’m looking forward to Mike’s golf tournament on July 12th at Tunica National.


For more information, you can go to Mike’s website at, or call Dave at 678-522-6881.  It should be a great event again this year.

Now to the flip side of the deal.  I love it.  I think the Grizzlies ended up with a potential superstar to go along with a guy I believe is already close to being a superstar in Rudy Gay.  OJ Mayo has been destined for the NBA since 7th grade.  I believe he’ll live up to the hype.  He’s been a professional and has handled himself as a professional for many years already.  A lot of people think he’ll leave after his rookie contract.  I disagree.  He might, but if the Grizzlies are a winning organization within three years, that changes everything.  Potentially, the Grizzlies could have the best 1-2-3 combination in the league in three years.  I also agree with Will Askew who says they might already have the most athletic 2-3 combo in the NBA.  This is how you rebuild.  The center position is still a question mark.  Can Darko get more consistent?  What does Marc Gasol bring to the table?  We’ll have to wait and see.  If they can be solid in the middle, Hakim Warrick and Darrell Arthur won’t hurt you as much at power forward.  It’s still a position to continue looking for improvement, but they can get by for now.  Who knows, maybe the Grizzlies will address that need in free agency. 

The hope for Grizzlies fans needs to be that the Grizz are last year’s Portland.  And in three years, the hope is that they are last year’s New Orleans.  I think they are on the way.

I can’t believe the “experts” continue to say that Michael Heisley is dumping salary.  He’s been at or above the cap every year.  He has forked out millions of dollars for front office personnel and coaches.  Plus, he’s let Chris Wallace be active.  You can’t question Wallace’s effort so far.  He addressed each Grizzlies need in his first off season, and now he made a big splash in year two.  

Another thing about the doubters- how can you question a deal that got rid of Brian Cardinal and “The Bagel” Jason Collins in the same deal?  UNBELIEVABLE!

I want to buy a Mayo jersey today #32!

Other thoughts:

The Beefeater sandwich at the Blue Monkey is one of the top sandwiches in town.

When does the WNBA start?

I believe Dumb and Dumber is the most overrated movie EVER and I can’t be convinced otherwise.  I also watched a movie entitled Mama’s Boy this weekend, and it was clearly the worst movie I have ever seen.  What do these two movies have in common?  Jeff Daniels.  He is awful.  He’ll take any role that is offered and Mama’s Boy was clearly an example of that.  In Dumb and Dumber, the guys are so dumb that it’s not even funny.  The only time I laughed is when Jim Carrey yells out, “And our pets’ heads are falling off.”  Another actor in Dumb and Dumber which makes it terrible is perhaps the worst actor ever- Mike Starr.  He played Joe “Mental” Mentaliano. 

He’s been in a ton of films and television shows and has never impressed.  He’s always supposed to be a tough guy, but he’s also been a wuss in so many movies that you can’t take him seriously.

Is Kenny Perry really the second best golfer on the planet right now?  WOW!  The PGA’s in trouble.

Just stop believing anything Chad Ford writes or spews from his mouth!

Weekly Dish

Rap, rock, classical – music to Obama’s ears

The Associated Press- Bob Dylan. Yo-Yo Ma. Sheryl Crow. Jay-Z. They’re artists featured on Barack Obama’s iPod. “I have pretty eclectic tastes,” the Democratic presidential contender said to Rolling Stone.  Growing up in the ’70s, Obama said, he listened to the Rolling Stones, Elton John and Earth, Wind & Fire. Stevie Wonder is his musical hero from the era.

Former ‘Idol’ champ Ruben Studdard to wed

The Associated Press- He won the affection of millions of people on “American Idol,” but, Ruben Studdard gave his heart to one woman.

A representative for the former “Idol” confirmed to The Associated Press that Studdard had a Saturday wedding.

Tidbits: Newlywed woes for Mariah and Nick

MSNBC- They’re not quite two months into their marriage, but Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon already face trouble, reports Life & Style. Sources tell the magazine that Mariah’s diva demands could cause the pair to split. The insider claims that the reason behind that gloom-and-doom prediction is Nick’s need to do everything for his diva bride. While Mariah likes being waited on hand and foot, that routine won’t work in the long run. “Mariah’s assistants and friends call him ‘Whipped Nick’ behind his back.”

Boy George denied U.S. visa for planned tour

MSNBC News Services- Culture Club’s Boy George has been forced to cancel his North American summer tour after U.S. authorities refused to issue him a visa, citing looming legal issues overseas. George’s tour was scheduled to begin July 11. He is facing a trial in November in London for something that happened in April last year. George was arrested after a 28-year-old male escort from Norway accused the singer of false imprisonment and assault

Keira Goes Topless

ExtraTV- Keira Knightley is baring quite a bit in her new film “The Edge of Love,” and the slender starlet says she has no problem showing off her body. “I always bare my breasts,” she said at the Edinburgh Film Festival, reports People magazine.

Police Arrest Soccer Player After Referee Bitten On Face

Police said a 28-year-old soccer player got ejected from a game then bit the ref in the face, leaving an ugly wound. Authorities made an arrest in the alleged assault.

New Castle County police said Rannord A. Jones, of Freedom Trail in New Castle, fiercely argued with the referee and then allegedly attacked him, biting through his chin.

Jones said nothing as he turned himself in to police. He is charged with felony assault and threatening to kill the referee.

Greg Norman and Chris Evert getting married this weekend?

Golf great Greg “The Shark” Norman and tennis star Chris Evert got married, six months after they got engaged. It is the second marriage for both.

Tim McGraw Lays Country Smackdown on Fan

TMZ Staff- Don’t mess around at a Tim McGraw concert — or he’ll pull your ass out of the crowd and have you tossed out! Tim spotted an over-sized, rowdy fan in the front row, proceeded to grab a hold of him, pulled him on stage and threatened to punch him!
Tim’s rep tells us “This overly aggressive fan attacked a female fan and Tim witnessed this incident. Tim called for security, but when they could not respond quick enough Tim and several crew members removed the fan from the audience where he was then turned over to the local authorities.”

Rodman to Judge: I Guess I Smacked My GF

TMZ Staff- Dennis Rodman pleaded “no contest” to spousal battery in an L.A. court.
In exchange for his plea, the Worm was sentenced to 36 months of probation, 45 days of roadside graffiti removal, one year of domestic violence counseling, and six months of drug and alcohol treatment. The judge warned Dennis about acting like a fool in the future, telling him, “If I hear or see in the news that you have committed any more crimes — you will go to jail.”

Mini-Me Sex Tape: Avert Your Eyes!

TMZ Staff- Mini-Me Verne Troyer is in a sex tape shot with his former live-in girlfriend at the couple’s apartment. A third party has snatched up the tape and although no deal has been made, we hear dealer Kevin Blatt, who brokered the deal for Paris’ video, is entertaining a $100k offer from SugarDVD to distribute the nastiness.

MSNBC– Troyer successfully shut down the distribution of the sex tape for now.

TMZ posted a 25-second snipped of the video, but pulled the clips down after a federal judge granted a temporary restraining order requested by Troyer’s attorneys.

The ruling also prevents any attempt by a porn distributor from taking orders for the full 50-minute video, and keeps TMZ from broadcasting any more clips. Troyer’s lawsuit also seeks $20 million in damages and the return of all copies of the tape.  WHAT PSYCHO WANTS TO SEE THIS TAPE??

Strike 2? Hollywood braces for actor walkout

The Associated Press- The contract between the Screen Actors Guild and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers expires Monday, and negotiations have dragged on for weeks with no apparent headway. SAG leaders have said they are willing to continue talking beyond the contract deadline. A strike in July – or a potential actors lockout if producers decided to play tough – could delay the return of many fall TV shows, which normally would be going back into production then.

Ben Kingsley Kisses Olsen Twin!

MSNBC- Looking back on filming her big smooch with veteran actor Ben Kingsley in the upcoming release “The Wackness,” Mary-Kate Olsen says she felt good about the experience. “He was so professional about it and made me feel so comfortable. He said, ‘Anything you don’t feel comfortable about, let me know. You lead me.'”

Madonna and Guy — Over?!

ExtraTV- The Material Girl and her hubby Guy Ritchie are facing divorce speculation in the media thanks to a report and a pic of Madonna without a wedding ring.

If divorced, the couple would split her whopping fortune — estimated around $600 million — because they didn’t sign a pre-nup.

VANDERJAGT STILL MISSING KICKS After more than a year of exile from the NFL, kicker Mike Vanderjagt made a triumphant return to Toronto, as the kicker and punter of the Argonauts. In his regular-season debut, Vanderjagt missed his first three field goals.

Birthdays This Past Week: Mick Fleetwood (61), Loren Roberts (53), Willis Reed (66), Dikembe Mutombo (42), Carly Simon (63), George Michael (45), Jimmie Walker (59), Phyllis George (59), Abner Doubleday (189), Greg LeMond (47), Shannon Sharpe (40), Derek Jeter (34), Ross Perot (78), Lorrie Morgan (49), Tobey Maguire (33), John Elway (48), Kathy Bates (60), Mel Brooks (82), Dan Dierdorf (59), Gary Busey (64)

There’s plenty happening this week in Tunica.  For a complete list of events and attractions in Tunica, Mississippi, click on the link below.  Get easy access to the casino’s, golf courses, and all other entertainment.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming up this week in Tunica:

July 3

Independence Day Parade

Downtown Tunica


July 5

Al Green

Grand Casino


July 5

Gladys Knight

Grand Casino


July 5

Collin Ray

Gold Strike


July 5

Tunica Trade Days

Downtown Tunica


Don’t forget Mid-South Golfer the Radio show live in Tuinca this week at Tunica National Golf and Tennis Club from 3-4pm.  The Sports Bar follows from Tunica National from 4-6pm. 

Join us for the 3 Person Scramble Thursday at 5:15pm.  Just call 866-TEE-OFF1 for more information or go online at  See you there. 

Talk to y’all this week.

June 27, 2008

One of the Great Trades Ever…

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So I go to bed last night after spending draft night at Calhoun’s, fully prepared to jump on the Love Train. I wake up this morning, and the Grizzlies have O.J. Mayo and Darrell Arthur…AND they got rid of Brian Cardinal’s and Jason Collins’ contracts…AND they acquired Marko Jaric and more importantly, his soon to be wife, Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima?!

Take that, Eva Longoria! What team has got the hottest fan now!

Just echoing the sentiments of Peter…the Grizzlies don’t do things like this. Kudos to Chris Wallace and Michael Heisley for pulling off a blockbuster deal and acquiring one of the three best players in the draft. Expect Conley, Lowry, or Crittendon to be gone before the season starts. I love Darrell Arthur also…the guy scored 20 points and had 10 boards in the National Championship game, for God sakes.

In short, the Grizzlies have generated some excitement around a team that hasn’t had any, and for that, I applaud them.

5th and 1

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wow. putting boys to shame. let me know if anyone who has a son who can do this. if not, maybe you’ll be praying for a daughter soon.

It’s 3 AM…

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And I just got home from one of the craziest nights in Grizzlies history.  The massive 8 player trade that sent O.J. Mayo to Memphis wasn’t officially consummated until roughly 1:30 am, meaning that Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace wasn’t available to talk about the deal until (and I checked my watch) 1:48 am.  There can’t have been a later press conference in Memphis sports history (note to self: ask George about this later).  And Wallace was rightfully a bit giddy about the whole thing.  But how did we get to this point?

Wallace said that the T-Wolves and the Grizzlies had been informally discussing things here and there beginning last Saturday at Mayo’s workout in Chicago.At that time, he couldn’t imagine anything would happen with Minnesota.  But things change, and situations can dictate actions.  Such was the case with this trade.  After the Grizzlies acquired the rights to Kansas PF Darrell Arthur, it gave them a degree of flexibility to go out and make a trade involving Kevin Love, the player whom they had originally drafted at 5.

After discussions involving Kevin McHale, Chris Wallace, Michael Heisley, and many others, this was the deal completed only hours ago:

O.J. Mayo, Greg Buckner, Marko Jaric, and Antoine Walker for Kevin Love, Mike Miller, Jason Collins, and Brian Cardinal.

I’ve criticized the Grizzlies and Chris Wallace in the past for either passivity or stupidity in making moves, but this is simply amazing.  I would have never imagined the Grizzlies would have a chance to grab a potentially franchise-changing player like Mayo without giving up a serious part of their core, and yet they did exactly that.  Now, you’ve got Mike Conley, O.J. Mayo, and Rudy Gay as a young, athletic backcourt that can grow together in Memphis.  And you manage to throw in Darrell Arthur, a player who no one expected would last past the 18th spot?  The Grizzlies NEVER do things like this…totally unexpected, out of the blue, shrewd trades on draft night are reserved for other teams…not the Griz.  But tonight was different.  Just like it’s sure as hell different to be writing this blog entry at 3 am.

What a night.  Er…morning.

June 26, 2008

Will’s Mock Draft, Final Version

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From what I’m hearing trade talks are definitely heating up between the Grizzlies and a number of teams (Charlotte, Miami, etc.) about trades. Hopefully, at least one of these will come to fruition and hopefully it will be one in which Michael Beasley ends up in Memphis. So here goes.

1. Chicago: Derrick Rose. The Bulls could screw everything by taking Michael Beasley, but they will go for Rose.

2. Miami: Michael Beasley. I strongly doubt that Miami will keep the pick, as I think they will find a trade partner somewhere, be it Memphis, Minnesota, or Seattle. If they pick Mayo, Riley is a moron.

3. Minnesota: OJ Mayo. If Kevin McHale picks anyone other than Mayo, he’s a moron.

4. Seattle: Brook Lopez. Lots of speculation about Russell Westbrook and Jerryd Bayless here, but I think they go with Lopez.

5. Memphis: Eric Gordon. For a long time, I have thought they would take Kevin Love, but I think they’ll go Gordon here, because they can address power forward later in the first round. Barring a trade, of course (crossing fingers).

6. NY Knicks: Russell Westbrook. The Knicks need someone to lead their revival, and I think they go with Westbrook.

7. LA Clippers: Jerryd Bayless. If Westbrook falls, they’ll take him, but I don’t think Bayless falls any farther.

8. Milwaukee: Joe Alexander. I love Joe Alexander. I think he’ll be awesome.

9. Charlotte: Kevin Love. Don’t think Love can slip any farther than this, but don’t rule out a deal involving the Grizz and Bobcats involving this pick.

10. NJ Nets: Danilo Gallinari. I would love to say something insightful here, but I have only seen highlight reels of the guy.

11. Indiana: Anthony Randolph. A huge risk…he has lots of Stro-tential. Now that they have TJ Ford, they need to replace Jermaine O’Neal.

12. Sacramento: Brandon Rush. In all likelihood, Ron Artest is gone, so they need a swing defender who can also hit shots. Rush fits the bill.

13. Portland: DJ Augustin. They need a point guard, and I think Augustin would be a great fit in Portland.

14. Golden State: Kosta Koufos. A big man who can run…sounds like a Don Nelson kind of guy. Don’t rule out Jason Thompson.

15. Phoenix: Darrell Arthur. Are trying to trade Boris Diaw…Arthur would be a nice replacement.

16. Philadelphia: Mareese Speights. Lots of Stro-tential here also. Philly is targeting a big man with their pick.

17. Indiana: Robin Lopez. I think they go even bigger with their second pick.

18. Washington: Mario Chalmers. Gives them a true point guard to put beside Gilbert Arenas (assuming they re-sign him).

19. Cleveland: DeAndre Jordan. Should have gone back to school, but can work with Zydrunas for a couple of years until he’s ready.

20. Charlotte: Donte Green. I have no idea from here on out.

21. NJ Nets: JaVale McGee. Very raw, but has great upside.

22. Orlando: Courtney Lee. Great workout with the Grizzlies…don’t be surprised if they try and trade up from 28 to get him.

23. Utah: Roy Hibbert. Big and slow, like Greg Ostertag. Jerry Sloan will love him.

24. Seattle: Nicolas Batum. Sure.

25. Houston: Alexis Ajinca. Jeff Weinberger’s favorite player goes to a place where he can learn to play under Yao and Dikembe.

26. San Antonio: Serge Ibaka. Mark my words…San Antonio will draft at least one player in this draft you have never heard of. He won’t play for a couple of years, and then he will come over and be awesome.

27. Portland: Chris Douglas-Roberts. He was this close to coming to Memphis.

28. Memphis: JJ Hickson. I would love this pick here…he would have been a lottery pick next year.

29. Detroit: Jason Thompson. Don’t know. Just guessing.

30. Boston: Nathan Jawai. Don’t need any immediate help, so they’ll store this guy abroad for a couple of years.

I hope tonight will be exciting. I’m guaranteeing that this will be at least 10% accurate.

June 24, 2008

Gaston Mock Draft (Tope 10 Selections)

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The NBA Draft takes place Thursday, and for what it’s worth, here are my predictions for the Top 10………

1) Chicago-Derrick Rose (They can’t pass on him despite Kirk Hinrich inked for 5 more years)

2) Miami-Michael Beasley (Rumors are swirling that Pat Riley would like to trade the pick for the right package. I’ll believe it when I see it)

3) Minnesota-O.J. Mayo (Early indication had the T-Wolves taking Brook Lopez, but there’s no way they pass up on the athletic Mayo)

4) Seattle-Jerryd Bayless (this one is tough. Russell Westbrook is the hot name but I think the Sonics can use a scoring guard

5) Memphis-Kevin Love (The Grizzlies could surprise cand trade, but I think when push comes to shove, they’ll go with the safe choice. Eric Gordon is rumored to be in the picture, but unless Mike Miller is dealt, I don’t see it.

6) New York-Russell Westbrook (The Knicks are known for doing some weird things…Renaldo Balkman? Look for them to pass up on Gordon and Danillo Gallinari and select the talented Mr. Westbrook)

7) L.A. Clippers-Eric Gordon (I think the Clips end up making a deal, however if they keep the pick, they’ll take sharpshooter Eric Gordon)

8) Milwaukee-Joe Alexander (The Bucks love this kid and his work ethic. He’s the pick as they will go American after a couple of foreign choices the past few years)

9) Charlotte-Brook Lopez (Michael Jordan and the Cats take the big guy from Stanford to play alongside the often injured but very talented Emeka Okafor)

10) New Jersey-Danilo Gallinari (The Nets will go Italian and take the best foreign player available in Gallinari. This kid will either be the next Nowitzki or an absolute bust)

There’s my thoughts, now tell me how you feel……Greg

Tuesday Ramblings

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Thoughts I’ve had while counting down the minutes till the first episode of “Celebrity Family Feud.”

The NBA Draft is just a couple days away and unlike the last couple of years, I really don’t have a very good idea of what the Grizzlies are going to do. If I had to make a prediction right now I’d say they stay at #5 and take Kevin Love, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they trade up or down or if they stay at #5 and take someone other than Love. I am glad to see they are giving more consideration to Eric Gordon. I think Gordon will be the best of the group of shooting guards at the top of this draft.

If Miami holds on to the second pick in the draft and takes Michael Beasley, you’d have to believe it would make Shawn Marion very available. He’s 30-years-old and only has one year left on his contract, but if the Grizzlies think they have any chance at resigning him, I think they have to do whatever they can to get him.I think he has at least five or six good years left and he, Rudy Gay, and Michael Conley would make a nice three-headed monster. It would probably take Mike Miller and Kyle Lowry, but I think you might also be able to include Brian Cardinal in the deal which would be great. The Grizzlies could then go after Monta Ellis or Ben Gordon to play the two and have a nice little lineup. The problem with this though, is the that it probably would be tough to resign Marion so that would probably have to be pretty much done before the deal is made.

The quote of the week comes from draft hopeful Marreese Speights from Florida. Speights apparently was a bit surprised upon arrival in Salt Lake City. “Oh, when I came here (Saturday), I expected way different than this,” he said. “This is kind of like, city. I expected, like, cows and stuff.”

Then Speights looked up and was in for another shock. “I seen that snow on top of the mountains,” the 20-year-old Floridian said. “That was crazy.”

Seriously? Can a college student really be that clueless?

Watching the Cubs sweep the White Sox is one of my great pleasures in life. The Cubs are simply unbelievable at home right now, they haven’t lost at Wrigley Field since May 17. Have I mentioned before that I’m heading to Wrigley in August? I cannot wait to get back to the greatest sports stadium in the world.

While watching the Cubs finish the sweep of the Sox on Sunday night, Joe Morgan, doing the broadcast on ESPN, talked about the basket om the outfield wall at Wrigley and how it was called Banks’ Alley because of how many home runs Ernie Banks used to hit into it. Well apparently, Joe is full of sh%# and had no idea what he was talking about. I didn’t think anything of it when he brought it up, but other Cub fans have done the research to show how dumb the comments were. The funny thing is, it doesn’t really offend me that much as a Cubs fan because who really cares, but as a broadcaster it makes me mad that he would just spout off stupid stories that are completely made up.

Have you noticed the current crop of movies in theaters? “The Incredible Hulk,” “The Love Guru,” “Don’t Mess With the Zohan,” “Kong Fu Panda,” “Hancock,” etc. What has happened to the movie industry? Have you seen the trailers for these movies? They are ridiculous! At least there’s still television. What’s that? There are now shows called “The Baby Borrowers,” “Celebrity Circus,” and “Wipeout”? What the hell is going on?

Speaking of Hollywood, I’ll be making my first visit to LA this weekend. I’m headed out there to visit friends for a few days. I’m not sure what to expect out of LA, but I am looking forward to seeing it for the first time.

I’ve never felt like I have had to battle any sort of real addiction and I am thankful for that, but having had my TiVo go out last week, I now realize how dependent I was on it. If my new receiver doesn’t get here soon, I may have to go to rehab. Detox is hard on a man.

Anyway, have a great rest of the week and weekend, I’m off to LA.

Sunday (and Monday) on the Couch (and Driving)!

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I had a weekend trip to see the family in St. Louis.  I have a few travel trips:

  • Gas is expensive! It really is amazing. I try not to even think about it, but it really is shocking. Unbelievable! Remember the days when………. I’m really starting to want a moped. I believe that they have become socially acceptable for everyone! The moped has come a long way.
  • The Mississippi River flooding is unbelievable. There is water everywhere from St. Louis through Arkansas.
  • 2 great things about St. Louis- White Castle’s and Slurpees on every corner. White Castle’s and Krystals don’t even compare. It’s a shame that I have to drive 3 hours (Nashville, TN, or Cape Girardeau, MO) to get a great midnight slider. The only thing that compares is a Dyer Burger. I don’t mean any disrespect to Alex’s Tavern, who has arguably the best burger in town, but sometimes you just want it to go down like soup. My favorite burgers:
  • 1. Alex’s Tavern
  • 2. Dyer Burger
  • 3. Tug’s
  • 4. Soul Burger
  • 5. Huey’s
  • That’s right! Krystals wouldn’t be top ten! White Castle’s- TOP 3! Can you imagine a White Castle’s around Beale Street, Mid-Town, Germantown Parkway, Mud Island? Wherever you want one, let’s get one.
  • I also love getting Slurpees in St. Louis. 7-11 is the best. Plus, the stale re-glazed doughnuts at midnight are amazing. These imitation icee’s in the Mid South don’t compare. HOWEVER, you can’t go wrong when you find a Slush Puppy Machine!  I was so excited when the Grizzlies stayed in a city that had 7-11’s, especially near the hotel!


  • Lambert’s Café in Sikeston is worth the drive on a weekend afternoon. It’s the home of the Throwed Roll and is advertised on billboards up and down highway 55. Despite its proximity to both St. Louis and Memphis, I had never gone until World Renowned Executive Chef at FedExForum, Mark the Chef, said I needed to try it last year. Now, it’s a must stop between the Loo and Memphis.


  • Truck Drivers are like NBA referees. No one likes them on the road! No one likes them despite the fact that they have the hardest job on the floor (or road). They can never win.

It’s great to hear that Eric McMahon is doing well and training for the upcoming season.  Fans of the Grizzlies and mascots around the NBA missed Grizz this past season.  Mascots around the league visited FedExForum throughout the season, and most shaved their heads in honor of Eric.  It was pretty neat to see while traveling around the league this year.  Most arenas ran spots during the game promoting buying a Friends of Grizz Wristband with proceeds benefiting St. Jude.  You can show your support for Grizz and patients in the fight against cancer by becoming a “Friend of Grizz” and supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Purchase a Friends of Grizz Awareness bracelet for only $3 and the proceeds will go to St. Jude.


It figures Dry Ribs liked Jeff Van Gundy during the NBA Playoffs.

When does the WNBA start?

How about that World Renowned Executive Chef at FedExForum, Mark The Chef, and his picks this year?  Chef went 13-2, including the final three series.  Will Askew was 12-3, with four series going the exact distance.  Coach Dave Joerger lost the picks with his last three series (0-3).  He finished 11-4.  Weinberger was 10-5 and I was the worst at 9-6.  This follows Mark The Chef’s NFL picks, in which he beat Wolo, Will, and Weinberger.  I got him by one game.  I think he has deserved a spot with our college picks this fall.  I smell Mark The Chef’s Tailgating Tips and Picks!

Is it just me, or is signing Marc Gasol just a little weird.  We have Gasol, but it’s a different Gasol.  This one is the Gasol who went to high school in Memphis.  Why shouldn’t we cheer him?  He played high school ball in Memphis!  It’s just another Memphis product in the NBA!  Heck, Cal might even take credit for him!  Plus, he’s on OUR team!  That should be exciting, right?  I hope he wears #61.  That would mean that he’s the opposite of Pau!  Wouldn’t that be a great player?  What if he’s a skilled big man that is everything we have wanted Pau to be?   What if he becomes more popular than Pau ever was in Memphis?  What if he’s clutch in the 4th quarter?  What if he’s tough?  What if he gets in a fight with Darko in camp?  He’d be amazing!  But what if he’s like Pau, but not as skilled offensively?  I guess that’s why it’s a little weird.  Won’t he always be compared to Pau?  

Anti Gasol-  Very Similar Gasol-

He sure looks like him.  It’s certainly going to be interesting.

Ryan Ludwick should be an All Star.  What an amazing season the former Redbird is having.  He’s 30 years old next month and is having a break out major league season.  He’s hitting .297 with 16 homeruns and 56rbi’s.  However, in the last seven games, he’s 4-23, with 2rbi’s.  Pujols has been out of the lineup.

Tony LaRussa should definitely be the leader for the National League Manager of the Year.  What LaRussa has done with this team is remarkable.  Many considered the Cardinals to be in a rebuilding mode.  Look at the success of the starting pitchers, the starting outfield (Seriously, Rick Ankiel?), and young guys coming through the system (Ryan, Molina, Schumaker).  I hope it lasts throughout the season, although they have to figure out what to do with the closer role before the all star break.  They MUST make a deal.  A playoff spot could be on the line!

Swingtown!  Wow!  Holy CBS!  I finally got caught up on my Swingtown fix.  They have the best storylines since Melrose Place

I watched Road Trip tonight.  I can’t believe I liked it.  Here are the two best references to sex in a movie, but using a third grade word for it.

            – Kyle (Road Trip)- “I boinked her!”

            – Cookie Fleck (Best in Show)- “How long has it been since he poked me?”

Courtesy of (Bodog,<, here are some interesting odds regarding Thursday’s NBA Draft:

Lottery Pick Odds
Who will be the #1 Pick in the Draft?
Derrick Rose                           -500
Michael Beasley                      +300

What will Miami do with the #2 pick in the NBA Draft?
Draft Michael Beasley and Keep him                                      1/3
Trade Pick or Draft Michael Beasley and Trade him                4/1
Draft O.J. Mayo                                                                       9/2
Draft Any Other Player                                                            3/1

Who will be the #3 pick in the NBA Draft?
O.J Mayo                   2/5
Brook Lopez              3/1
Kevin Love                 9/2
Jerryd Bayless            7/1
Other                         8/1

Who will be the #4 pick in the NBA Draft?
Jerryd Bayless             Even
Russell Westbrook       6/5
Brook Lopez                 3/1
Eric Gordon                  5/1
Other                            8/1

Who will be the #5 pick in the NBA Draft?
Kevin Love                  5/9
Eric Gordon                 3/2
Brook Lopez                5/1
Other                           4/1

First Round Bubble Odds
Will Bill Walker be drafted in the 1st Round?
Yes      -225
No       +150
DJ White?
Yes      +150
No       -200

NBA Offseason Trade Odds
Will Josh Howard be Traded?
Yes      +500
No       -1000
Jermaine O’Neal?
Yes      +600
No       -1200
Zach Randolph?
Yes      +400
No       -800
Kirk Hinrich?
Yes      -350
No       +275
Ben Gordon?
Yes      +150
No      -225
Richard Jefferson?
Yes      +500
No      -1000
T.J. Ford?
Yes      -350
No       +275

Weekly Dish

Sara Evans and Jay Barker!  BOOOO!! (ExtraTV)- Country singer Sara Evans got hitched to former University of Alabama quarterback Jay Barker on a farm in Franklin, Tenn., says People magazine. Barker met Evans through their minister, Joe Beam, who had counseled them after each was divorced last year.

PGA to miss Tiger? DUH! (Bloomberg)- In 2007, tournaments with Tiger Woods in the field averaged a 3.4 rating; tournaments without, a 1.7 rating.

Anchorman 2?– ( Speaking to the press, Will Ferrell confirmed San Diego’s leading news anchor is making a comeback. “Yeah, [there is] definite interest.” Ferrell says he has no idea whether the new movie will take place in the 1970s, but he reveals that although they have discussed several premises, it will probably be at least a year before they have the time to write it.

Borat 2?– ( Sacha Baron Cohen’s second film, which is again based on his Borat character, has a release date. Look for it in theaters May 15, 2009.

Hasselhoff buying a Castle? ( A simple Hollywood home just isn’t enough to contain the star power of The Hoff. In an interview with AOL, the “America’s Got Talent” judge spoke of his house hunting plans. “I’m looking to buy a castle,” David revealed. “I’ll call it the Hassel Castle …”

Moranis, Thomas revive ‘Bob & Doug’  (THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER)- Bob and Doug McKenzie, the beer-loving Canadian brothers created by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas back in 1980, are about to do again. The Fox network has joined Canada’s Global Television in developing a cartoon pilot, The Animated Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie, in which Moranis and Thomas will return to voice the characters.

Birthdays this past week: Roberto Duran (57), Phil Mickelson (38), Tupac Shakur (37- I was there!), Venus Williams (28), Joe Piscopo (57), Lou Brock (69), Moe Howard (111), John Goodman (56), Nicole Kidman (41), Jim Breuer (41), Pistol Pete (60), Clyde Drexler (46), Kurt Warner (37- the nicest professional athlete I have ever met), Cydi Lauper (55)

There’s plenty happening this week in Tunica.  For a complete list of events and attractions in Tunica, Mississippi, click on the link below.  Get easy access to the casino’s, golf courses, and all other entertainment.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming up in the next few weeks in Tunica:

June 27

The Temptations

Sam’s Town


June 27 – 28

Ricky Lynn Gregg



July 3

Independence Day Parade

Downtown Tunica


July 5

Al Green

Grand Casino


July 5

Gladys Knight

Grand Casino


July 5

Collin Ray

Gold Strike


July 5

Tunica Trade Days

Downtown Tunica


Don’t forget Mid-South Golfer the Radio show live in Tuinca this week at Tunica National Golf and Tennis Club from 3-4pm.  The Sports Bar follows from Tunica National from 4-6pm. 


Join us for the 3 Person Scramble Thursday at 5:15pm.  Just call 866-TEE-OFF1 for more information or go online at  See you there.  Plus, Tunica National is having a hole in one contest Thursday afternoon.  The rules are simple.  Sign up at Tunica National this week and they will conduct a drawing for a hole in one.  If anyone who is drawn hits an ace, they’ll win a condo on the property adjacent to the National.  Sign up now.  Call or go online for more details.

Talk to y’all this week.

June 22, 2008

5th and 1

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Okay. So you may or may not know that currently I am interning for a newspaper outside of my element. While it is good experience and great for a resume, this place offers almost no social scene for someone who does not yet qualify for social security.

In order to counter this unbearable experience, I made a venture up to exciting Memphis this weekend. (It was all one could expect from a city such as Memphis.)
The reason I’m telling you all this is to write to all of those left lane abusers out there. HOLY CRAP! I don’t know what it is with people below the Mason-Dixon, but you guys feel as though anywhere from 40-80 is adaquete for the left lane when the speed limit is 70. No, no, no, no.

In order to educate some of you abusers out there, please allow me to run some things by you when the speed limit is, for argument’s sake, 70

– Anything below 70 is ridiculous. Move your vehicle over. I don’t care if you think you’re a bad mofo driving your Escalade, Porsche, or what-have-you. No. 65, stay right. 40, stay right.

– If you have someone right on your bumper and you’re one of those people who, much like my father, will just utter an obscenity, utter it while drifting out of the way. You’re not proving a point by staying in the left hand lane. In fact, all you’re really doing is increasing the probability of an accident. Okay, so some jerk is right on your butt and wants to go fast. Let them pass you and, if they get in an accident, at least you’ll know it’ll be way past your car and you won’t be involved.

On a related note to point 2 (let’s call this 2b) if someone passes you in the right hand lane, it’s probably for this reason. Get over it. Looking at you here, Dad.

– If it’s a crystal clear, gorgeous day, and you feel like cruising in your convertible at a nice 75, and scenerio 2 occurs, same situation. Odds are, no matter who you are, someone will want to drive faster. Cope.

– And finally, if it is not a gorgeous day, and you feel uncomfortable driving fast, still move left! There’s no reason why I should be in a 65 going 40 only because it’s raining. I’d like to cite my numerous times which I’ve done this in Memphis. People, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Or, in this case, the left hand lane.

This being said, it’s all I have. But, on a few final points, let’s look towards the sports related future:

– In the near future, training camp starts for the NFL in July. Freaking sweet. I know I can’t wait for this year to get started and my Eagles to play Dallas early on.

– The NHL draft came and went without anyone paying attention except for the few devotees in the US of A. I didn’t watch, but did get a recap. With 5 picks, the Philadelphia Flyers acquired 3 defensemen and 2 goalies. Let’s hope something positive comes out of this.

– Russia upset the Netherlands in the Euro Cup quarter finals yesterday. It was one of the few, okay, it was the only game I watched of the whole process. Very dull, boring. Please tell me what is so exciting about soccer? A notable quote came from Dmitri Torbinski, the Russian player who put the Commies up one in extra time after the game. When asked what advice his coach gave at the end of regulation, Torbinski relayed, “kick the ball, run, and kick the ball again.” Good stuff.

– And for the grand finale, Tiger Woods is done for this year. I’d like to make reference to Mr. Robert Fisher’s blog a few days ago when he noted that Tiger might show up in Memphis next year if he was injured for this season. Let’s see how intelligent Roberto is. Results pending.

That’s all I got for you. Something to ponder for this week: Numerous professional athletes have been complaining about their $3 million dollar a year contracts. Boo hoo. I want to know who you all think is more responsible: the players and their agents for believing they are immortal, or the fans for paying so much for tickets, merchandise, etc., and inflating the players’ egos?

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