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May 27, 2008

Tuesday Ramblings

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Just some thoughts I’ve had while trying to figure out why I’ve been left out of the “Sunday on the Couch” playoff picks after round one.

It’s always nice to have a three day weekend and I certainly enjoyed doing a whole lot of nothing this Memorial Day weekend. Basically I spent the whole weekend sitting around watching TV and movies. Among the sports I watched the most this weekend was the NCAA Lacrosse Championships. I’ll tell you this, I love watching lacrosse on tv. I think it is one of the most exciting sports to watch. The action is almost non-stop and I’m amazed at how accurate the players are with shots and passes out of their sticks. They’ll throw backwards shots that are right on the money. Saturday’s national semifinal game between Syracuse and Virginia was one of the best sporting events I’ve ever watched. The game went to sudden death overtime and Virginia had numerous scoring opportunities in the overtime period, but they kept hitting the post and eventually Syracuse won to advance on where they won the title over Johns Hopkins. I wish ESPN or someone would pick up more lacrosse matches throughout the year, it is a great sport to watch. Is the professional lacrosse league on tv?

Speaking of things I watched over the weekend, the Discovery Channel had a “Deadliest Catch” marathon on Monday and I couldn’t pull myself away. I have become addicted to that show. What those guys do is crazy! From what I gather from watching the show, these crab fishermen go out into the freezing water of the Bering Sea on their boats for weeks at a time, never sleep, never eat, and work their tails off catching crab. We are working on getting one of the guys on the show to find out more about the whole process and what they do. They list the job as like the second deadliest job in the world, I believe that.

Between “Deadliest Catch” and “The First 48” I can’t figure out which show I’m more addicted to.

Monday night on TV was a big night for Memphis. On ESPN2 you could watch former University of Memphis QB Danny Wimprine and the New Orleans Voodoo in Arena Football action while on NBC you could watch Memphian Toby Gordin on “American Gladiators.” Unfortunately, neither was victorious, as the Voodoo lost to Georgia and Gordin got beat badly on Gladiators. As for Wimprine, it’s great seeing him get the opportunity to be a starting quarterback in Arena football and have great success. I’ve always liked Danny since his time here at Memphis and nobody deserves this more than him. He’s a great guy and I hope he continues to play well and leads the Voodoo to the playoffs.

Among the movies I watched this weekend were a couple of comedies. First up was “Clerks II.” The “Clerks” movies fall into the category of so bad they’re good. The second is much like the first in that Jay and Silent Bob crack me up and Randal is great as ever. If you ever just want to escape for a little bit and watch a movie that’s so stupid it’s funny, watch either of the “Clerks” movies. I also finally watched “Used Cars” A year or so ago we talked on the show about a list of the 100 funniest movies of all time and “Used Cars” was on the list, but I had never heard of it. Well, a great listener, Leo, eventually brought me the DVD at a remote and it had been awhile, but I finally got around to watching it. I have to say, it was a good movie. Kind of like “Clerks” in that it’s so goofy, you have to laugh. It was also great to see Kurt Russell in a funny role. I enjoyed it a lot, thanks Leo.

Phil Mickelson’s second shot on the 18th hole at Colonial Sunday was amazing. Just when it looked like a bad tee shot on the 18th hole of a tournament had cost him again, he pulls off an unbelievable shot that leads to a birdie and a victory. You will not see five better shots ever and if Tiger had done it, people would be talking about it forever, I just hope Phil gets the credit he deserves for that shot. Also, how about the Phil commercials for Crowne Plaza Hotels? The one with the meeting for people hit by Phil’s golf balls and the one with the meeting for people that look like Phil are my two favorites,but they were all good.

What the heck is going on with the Arizona basketball program? All of these assistant coaches have either left or been fired, some with weird rumors surrounding them like Miles Simon, players are asking out of letters of intent, and Lute Olson is forced to try and rebuild a program that has consistently been one of the best in the country. I’m not sure if he is to blame for all the turmoil or not, but I think it’s probably time for Olson to step down. That program could use a fresh start.

Why is it that whatever department store I go into now, when I check out hey ask me if I want to apply for their store credit card and save 10% or whatever and then when I say no, they remind me exactly how much I could save on this purchase. Listen, if I want your credit card I’ll ask you for an application, but don’t try and force me into getting one by telling me how much money I could save. I don’t want your credit card, get over it!

That’s it for this week, enjoy the short work week.


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