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May 26, 2008

Lots of Birdfeed

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So i’m at the gym earlier today and i encounter confusion all over. First of all, why the hell is the TV at the Rhodes Gym on Soap Operas ever? Yeah, cause soaps and weights really mix well. Also, who made the decision there to put on a FM100? I can understand avoiding the Rap music, even though i personally like alot of rap, but ADULT CONTEMPORARY? I dont think Hoobstank really will motivate people to bench press more weights or The Fray really is going to get my blood flowing (although thinking this sure does). Anyway, so CNN was on and they came up with the most “John Madden” news story (in case you haven’t noticed, John is merely the master of the “ugh, ya think” comments): Gas Prices cause cost of driving to increase. OH REALLY? THANKS CNN! I didnt know this already. Hell, I don’t even know how to comment on that “story,” as if we didn’t know that this problem exists to begin with…..

….So Will Askew (Sports Bar, Monday-Friday 3-6pm on Sports 56 WHBQ) has a field day blasting these idiots who try to run from the cops, and i completely hear him on that. The latest story of these i saw was an idiot in an 18 WHELLER (yes, as in TRACTOR TRAILER) trying to out run the cops, on the Streets of Vancouver. Right, driver, b/c you’ve gonna be able to twist and turn while you’re carrying a trailer on your cab. If a guy in a Benz can’t outrun the cops, what makes some retard in a tractor trailer think that he can do it? Clearly I dont know, otherwise i’d gladly tell you. Drugs maybe? Psychosis? Who knows but needless to say he didn’t succeed….

Thanks to everybody in the Military for serving a country. Be safe if you’re partying out there.

…The Indy 500: How come people can’t talk about that guy who won, Scott Dixon? Seriously. He’s really “that guy who won” b/c all you can hear is about how Danica didn’t win. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a good driver and she’s doing alot of good for that sport, especially after her win in Japan. Still, she did NOT win, so shut up and at least give Dixon some credit for his accomplishment. And I really could care less about Indy Car racing, my interest is NASCAR, as you can tell if you catch my “Driving Down the Lane” updates on Inside The Lines (Saturday Noon-2, Sunday 5-7pm on Sports 56 WHBQ). Kasey Kahne’s win last night was nice to see. I’m typically happy to see drivers overcome long winless droughts to win, and Khane certainly has had to battle alot of struggles, from a terrible 2007 season to a shoddy start to 2008. Maybe he can build on his momentum from winning the Spring All-Star Race last weekend (a non-points event) and last night’s Coca-Cola (pronounced Co-Cola) 600….

….Football: Man I’ve got football fever badly, and it’s “only” the end of May. It will get worse as the summer months drone on. Still, i’m not gonna make too many predictions right now. Ppl. wonder why i address issues a bit of time after the initial commentary has died down, but the reason is often I like to gather my thoughts so i dont just rush to make some comment b/c everyone expects one….

….Rap: I enjoy alot of it, and i’ll have musings on random songs i like but I guess the one rapper who has always struck a chord with me is TI. I also go by the title “King,” but i have no problem saying it originated from being a huge fan of T.I.’s music. Speaking of, I really like his latest hit, which you can catch on our Flinn Family station, Hot 107.1, “No Matter What.” I’d put a link to it here but since rap has explitive content, i’ll just recommend that you check it out on Youtube or just turn into HOT 107. Ironically, it hardly talks about drugs or guns, which i think is pretty badass that he can rap on something else. I can’t wait for his newest album to drop (it’s release date is believed to be August 12, and i’m sure you’ll hear more from THE King (me) on the other King’s latest album and his other hits. And yea, i’ll also chime in on that stupid arrest of his at some point too….


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  1. King, speak for yourself. I LOVE getting getting ripped to the tunes of Celine Dion and Hootie and the Blowfish. But seriously, does the Y need to play it for the people who are at the Y before 6AM? Playing that crap sucks the motivation out of us. Don’t drive us away.

    Comment by bv — May 26, 2008 @ 5:56 pm

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