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May 22, 2008

The Draft Lottery

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Well, it is officially here, that time of year when Grizzlies fans start complaining about the NBA’s draft lottery. “It’s not fair” “The worst teams should get the best picks” “The NBA favors the big markets” we hear the same things year after year. QUIT WHINING!!

Here’s a news flash for everyone, the draft lottery is not the reason the Grizzlies or any other team is bad. The reason teams are bad is that they make bad decisions, period. It wasn’t the draft lottery that picked Darko ahead of Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. It wasn’t the draft lottery that took Robert Archilbald ahead of Carlos Boozer. It wasn’t the draft lottery that took Zarko Cabarkapa ahead of David West, or Kris Humphries ahead of Al Jefferson, or Kwame Brown #1 overall, or, well. you get the point. The bottom line is that you don’t have to get the first pick in the draft to get great players and win. There are many great players drafted all through the draft every year. The Miami Heat won a world title a couple years ago, they have never picked higher than fourth in the history of the franchise. Meanwhile, the Clippers have picked in the top three many times and what has it gotten them? Michael Olawakandi?

The Grizzlies are bad, not because of bad luck in the lottery, but because of a terrible trade that cost them the chance to pick Carmelo Anthony and numerous bad draft picks under Jerry West. Getting the first or second pick may make it easier to pick a great player, but not getting the first or second pick does not make it impossible to get a great player.

So instead of crying about the draft lottery and how unfair it is, just remember that in all likelihood, there will be several very good or great players taken 5th or later in this draft and the Grizzlies will have the opportunity to draft one of those players. The question is will Chris Wallace and gang make the right pick?

I would like to see the lottery changed to make it more weighted towards the worse teams, but I’m not ever going to blame the lottery for teams being bad. Teams are bad because the people in charge of drafting have made bad picks.


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