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May 22, 2008

Random Thoughts

Filed under: Uncategorized — Will Askew @ 11:20 am

On the heels of last night’s American Idol finale, it has become clear to me that:
a) American Idol must be stopped.
b) No one in Hollywood/New York/any other creative thinktank (other than the writers of The Office) has any creativity left.

By last night’s count, 97.5 million votes were tallied for either David Cook or David Archuleta. By 2004’s count, in the most voted-upon election in the history of the country, 122.67 million people voted for President of the United States. That strikes me as a bit ridiculous. Only 25 more million people voted on who would be the Chief Executive in the country than who would get an SUV and a record contract from Fox. If that doesn’t show you how out of whack our priorities are, I don’t know what could. As to my second point, American Idol is merely the most fantastic example of how little creativity people have now…Shows like Survivor, The Hills, and other reality shows drive me crazy. And the lack of creativity extends to Broadway as well, where they have remade Young Frankenstein, Mary Poppins, Spamelot, Legally Blonde, and Shrek into musicals. Really?

On to more important issues which affect this community. Like the NBA Draft Lottery. I’m shocked that a major market team got the first pick. Just shocked. Leave it to the NBA to not care about the bad small market teams (i.e. the Grizzlies). To me, the NFL does competitive balance better than any other league–maybe the NBA should look to the most popular sport in America for a good example. However, even with the 5th pick, you can still draft a good player. Which, it seems, some local columnists don’t think they will. A question: when was the last time our local sports columnist wrote something positive or hopeful about the Grizzlies? When I picked up the paper yesterday, you would have thought the regime already screwed up the pick. Last time I checked, the Grizzlies are the only major professional sports team in town. It would be nice to see some hope every once in a while instead of beating a dead horse.

As to whom they should pick, if it were me, I would pick OJ Mayo (if he’s there, of course). I think his game will translate extremely well to the next level. I think he’s a cornerstone type player to put alongside Rudy Gay. And reading between the lines of Tony Barone Jr.’s interview on Sports 56 Middays yesterday, I think he thinks the same way. Most mock drafts have the following:
1. Chicago: Beasley
2. Miami: Rose
3. Minnesota: Brook Lopez (a big man so they can move Al Jefferson to the four, where he should be)
4. Seattle: Jerryd Bayless (a point guard, because they start Earl Watson)
5. Grizzlies: Mayo

I would be happy with that. I think Mayo will be a marketable star in the league. The only question is whether or not he will want to stay in a small market.



  1. When was the last time you said something positive about the Tigers and Cal.Just because the Tiger hacks on your station, is in the tank for the Griz,Thank god for Geoff, somebody needs to hold the Griz management accountable,we know the sportsbars love affair with the griz you clowns are not going to call them out.

    Comment by MIKE TRAMEL — May 22, 2008 @ 11:42 am

  2. Im with you on almost everything you said Will.American Idol does have to stopped.I am very thankful for it though b/c without I might not have ever got to see the beautiful carrie underwood.But now that thats over…so can be american idol.

    I also agree with the mayo going to the grizz.I have said all along that I think he will be a much better pro than he was a college player and he was a pretty decent college player.The one thing I think he will do better than most previous rookies is defend.Rookies may not alway find their shot at first in the league but they can certainly defend and I think mayo will do a great job of that.

    Comment by Randy — May 22, 2008 @ 10:15 pm

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