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May 19, 2008

Sunday on the Couch (Finally!)

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The couch feels great today after a long week at BBQ Fest.  Thank goodness I took the week off at work.  All the labor….. ok, all the fun was extremely exhausting.  BBQ Fest is the best week in Memphis each year.  The production is absolutely amazing.  The time and effort that goes in to making it the best party of the year is worth every minute.  I talked to many police officers this week and they all told me that there were no problems.  Everyone just had a good time, including all of the officers and security that ate our food!  It’s good to be tight with them.  Why wouldn’t they eat our food?  It was terrific.

Other than the cold wind on Thursday, it was another successful BBQ Fest.  I apologize to my teammates for not being there Sunday morning.  But seriously, did you really think I was going to be up by 7am?  I’m sure you all expected to not see me.  Thanks to Ubee’s River Pigs for letting me be a part of it, and thanks to everyone who stopped by and had a great time at the party.  Can’t wait until next year.  I’ll be putting in my vacation request this week.  Now I have two weeks to recover until Italian Fest!  What a great month!

By the way…… If you were in a Johnny on the spot and dropped your sunglasses in the bowl, how much would they have had to cost for you to go fish them out?  I don’t know if you can actually put a price tag on it for me.  Haven’t we gotten far enough with technology that we can figure out a little something better?  I feel sorry for every woman that has to use one!

I hope Tigers fans don’t really think the Tigers should be declared national champs if KU’s Darrell Arthur ends up being ruled ineligible.  The Tigers could have earned a title if they had held on to a nine point lead with two and a half minutes to go.  You never want to be handed something you don’t deserve.  Just go win one next year! 

Speaking of the Tigers, too bad Devin Ebanks decided to pick West Virginia over Memphis.  Just another win for Bob Huggins over John Calipari.  Huggy Bear was 5-1 as the Cincinnati Bearcats coach when he took on Cal and the Tigers.  I guess he just added his first win at WVU against Cal.  Can’t wait for the two coaches to renew their rivalry in 2009-10.  It sure would be nice to get the double dip of beating Hugs and Ebanks.

One more Tigers note- Regardless of the depth of the conversations with the Tigers and the Big East, I’m glad that it’s at least a topic of discussion around the country.  The Big East could use another football team to balance out the schedule, but they need another basketball team like I needed another Jager-Bomb this weekend.  I have the solution.  It’s time to finally smack Notre Dame right where they need to be smacked- in the wallet and the face!  The almighty university has turned up its nose at joining a conference in football because they are the best university in the country- just ask them.  Fine.  Make their basketball program and every other program independent by kicking their golden butt out of the Big East.  That way the Tigers could sneak right on in to the conference and the numbers would be perfect.  Or Mike Tranghese can take East Carolina.  He’s just enough of a dope to make that move.  It’s good to see the Tigers proactive instead of reactive this time.  Stay on them RC!  Let’s get it done.

FYI- The Indianapolis 500 is this weekend in case you forgot, or didn’t care, like the rest of America.  It’s too bad.

Did you see Bill Plaschke tear in to Pau Gasol after a Game 3 loss at Utah?  Wow!  I thought he was the savior!  Apparently Plaschke saw what we became so accustomed to in Memphis.  Here’s a bit from the article:

Faced with the most intense, physical postseason game of his career, late-season giant Pau Gasol shrank to an indiscernible size in the Lakers’ 104-99 loss to the Utah Jazz at EnergySolutions Arena.
Handed its first real test of June-worthiness, that great basketball brain flunked.
Faced with its first playoff adversity, that gentle smile became a whine.
Jarred for the first time with playoff desperation, those beautiful passes were junked.
“I can do much better,” Gasol acknowledged.
On that shot, he was perfect.
In a game in which Utah’s two big men combined for 49 points, he scored 12.
In a game that featured 37 Lakers free throws, he didn’t get to the foul line once.
In a game that featured many touches in 40 minutes, he had just one assist.
And then there were the turnovers.
Gasol had a team-high five blunders, throwing the ball in the stands or dribbling it off his foot or just losing it to players who wanted it more.
With seemingly every turnover came a glare at the referee.
Sometimes that glare continued while the Jazz was scoring at the other end.
By disappearing, Gasol has become the Lakers’ marked man.
“I’ve got to go do my job now, protect the ball, go harder, play physical,” he said.
And maybe, while he’s at it, he could also send a postcard back to Andrew Bynum.
Wish you were here.


Great stuff.  It certainly made me laugh.  To his credit, Pau did respond in games 4 and 5.  However, I warn the LA fans that Pau is the most frustrating goodstar (not superstar) I have ever been around.  Get used to it.  This won’t be the last time it happens.


I hope the Grizzlies get the 2nd pick on Tuesday.  It’s the easiest pick in the draft.  It’s impossible to screw it up!  All you do is take whoever isn’t taken number one.  I have a sneaky suspicion the Grizz would take Derrick Rose with the 1st pick.  That’s a fine pick, but I still think that Beasley is the best pro on the board.  Plus, to get Rose, other moves will have to be made.  I’m not sure the Grizzlies would get as much for Mike Conley as we might think.  Why should I get my hopes up anyway?  Do any of us actually believe the Grizzlies are going to get lucky?  Maybe this is the year.

Danny Ainge was named executive of the year in the NBA.  He’s lucky the Celtics have advanced.  However, if they continue to lose every game on the road, they WILL NOT beat the Pistons.  If that happens, the season is a complete bust for the Celtics.  COMPLETE BUST!  And then what?  I guess like Doc Rivers, things can change in a year.  Ainge might look like an idiot next year, or five years down the line when the team is dismantled and still falls short with three hall of famers on the roster.  Ray Allen has been a disappointment in the postseason.  He’ll need to pick it up against Detroit for the C’s to have a chance.  My early pick- Detroit in 6.


What’s next for the Cleveland Cavaliers?  They desperately wanted to upgrade the team for LeBron James.  The trade they made at the deadline ended up not doing the job.  Now they’re stuck with aging Wally Szczerbiak (31) and Ben Wallace (34 next season), plus an average point guard in Delonte West.  They better make LeBron happy before he starts thinking of where he’s going to buy a house in New York.


Now that Andy Dolich has been replaced by Greg Campbell, I guess that’s one thing Geoff Calkins can’t rip the Grizzlies about anymore.  Sorry Geoff.  Come up with something else.  I’m not very familiar with Campbell, but from what I hear inside the organization, people are pleased with the hire.  I’m told he’s responsible financially and listens to ideas and is open to them, plus he has a solid relationship with the people I talked to and is liked by many inside FedExForum.  That’s good news.  One suggestions Greg- let our BBQ team throw your party next year!  Make the Grizzlies tent a destination and not just a place to stop.  However, I won’t be helping clean up on Sunday.  Sorry.


The Suns are thinking about Mark Jackson now.  Really?  Has anyone listened to him do the playoff games on ABC/ESPN?  It’s unlistenable!  He must have watched A Few Good Men in his hotel Saturday night, because he used a reference to “handling the truth” three times during the Celtics-Cavs game Sunday.  Just awful.  Maybe he’s the exact opposite of Mike Fratello.  He can’t do TV, but is a great communicator with a team, even though he’s NEVER coached a team at ANY level.


The LPGA might have their newest hottie on the horizon if Christina Lecuyer can win Big Break Ka’anapali.  She hails from Edmonton, Alberta (LOVE the Canadien accent), and hasn’t faced an elimination challenge yet.  Her uncle played in the NHL, she graduated from Central Arkansas, and she’s easy on the eyes.  Check out Big Break Tuesday night on The Golf Channel at 9pm. 

Maybe I’ll watch the LPGA again if she ever gets the nod- that means I’ve watched the LPGA before.  I take that back.  I’ll start watching the LPGA……  Who am I kidding?  That’s what Google is for.  Go Christina! 


You know who loves Usher?  USHER!


This is arguably the worst season of American Idol ever.  Paula is as ridiculous as ever, the final three all sucked last week, and David Archuleta has been destined to win since his tryout even though I can’t stand looking at his little whiny squint and smile.  If he forgot all the words and just smiled, Paula would still find a way to compliment him.  He has voice coaches, singing coaches, personal trainers, and an entire entourage travelling with him, plus a father that has been booted from the backstage because he causes such a disturbance.  What an Idol!  David Cooke is better, but has no chance this week.  The show is in trouble of losing its credibility.


Speaking of music, David Stern is starting to sound really old.  Here’s the latest he said in an AP story regarding pregame-

On the subject of the NBA’s infatuation with pregame pyrotechnics, smoke and noise, commissioner David Stern was loud and clear: He’s had enough.

“I think they’re ridiculous,” Stern said Monday before Game 4 of the Cavaliers-Celtics second-round playoff series. “I think that the noise, the fire, the smoke, is a kind of assault that we should seriously consider reviewing in whether it’s really necessary given the quality of our game.”

Another thing that annoys Stern is the nonstop loud music and other noise that isn’t generated by fans.

“I always bite my tongue because I say, ‘Well, maybe I’m not the demographic that likes to be assaulted by loud rap, smoke, pyrotechnics and chemicals,”’ he said. “I’m outdated, but I think it’s time for us to say, ‘Hey guys, let’s look at it one more time.”

Pick your battles David.  This isn’t one you should be overly concerned about.


Tim Thompson should have never been hired by any high school!  No big shocker with that news.


Can’t believe the response I’ve heard from the Alicia Keys concert at FedExForum last week.  Haven’t heard one good review.  That’s too bad.  Glad I went to BBQ Fest instead.


The Stanley Cup matchup between the Red Wings and Penguins will be terrific (yes, Detroit will finish off Dallas).  Both teams have breezed their way to the Finals and I can’t wait to watch.  The Penguins are filled with scorers, and can be sneaky physical, while the Wings have scorers of their own and can certainly bang.  If Detroit takes Evgeni Malkin out with physical play, they can win the cup.  But if they get too physical and give the Penguins too many man-advantages, they’ll be in trouble.  Pittsburgh hasn’t lost at home in three months, they’re 12-2 in the postseason, they always look like they’re on the power play, they’ve allowed just 26 goal throughout the playoffs, and they can get physical if they need to.  I’m taking the Pens in 6 and get used to watching them hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup, because they have two of the youngest and brightest stars in this league.  

The Weekly Dish

Alabama State Violations

Alabama State University is a I-AA football program, part of the Southwestern Athletic Conference. They enjoyed a 10-2 season in 2004, but generally they hover around the .500 mark.  The NCAA announced allegations of misconduct at the University, to the tune of 668 violations!!  24 different rules were broken. Among the infractions listed are hundreds of instances of ineligible student-athletes using training facilities and several grades changed without the professor’s permission. Apparently you can’t do that.
The NCAA, never one to miss the opportunity to state the blindingly obvious, also charged ASU with a “lack of institutional control.

Angels stadium had 732 health violations in 2007

In a casual survey of online health records at 11 major-league ballparks, Conde Nast Portfolio Magazine charted health-code violations in stadium food stands. “Most (reports) were minor. Some were, well, disgusting,” the magazine said.  Angel Stadium in Los Angeles, with 732 violations, and McAfee Coliseum in Oakland, with 493, were the worst performers. A “major vermin violation” and “a cockroach infestation” plagued the Angels’ home. And “overhead leakage” and “chemical contamination” were reported in Oakland. The A’s declined comment to Portfolio. The Angels told the glossy they had “made a lot of changes” for 2008. The Yankees (45 violations) and Mets (58 violations) had the best results among big-revenue teams.

7 Year Old Benched Because Mom Doesn’t Sell Candy

A Freetown, Mass., baseball player was benched for two games because his mom did not help out at the concession stand.

Jodie Hooper agreed to help when she signed a registration form, but she said that she had a very good excuse for missing her time.

“It’s my fault. I get it. I really, really do. But the rule has to change,” Hooper said.

“It’s a tough rule to have to enforce, because everybody has things to do,” League President Dave Brouillette said.

Hooper’s son was benched for a second game Thursday because she did not show up to work the stand.

“Being benched and being suspended means the child did something wrong. The child didn’t do anything wrong. That is where I am having the issue with it,” Hooper said.

“I am not here to bash Mrs. Hooper. She is a mother who is upset about her 7-year-old not being able to play baseball. I 100 percent agree with her that she is doing what she feels is right. Unfortunately, as the president of the league, I have to enforce the rules,” Brouillette said.

Vince Young — Quarterback Gone Wild

Looks like the Tennessee Titan locker room can’t quench Vince Young’s need to hang out with a bunch of sweaty, half-naked dudes.

Pictures posted on Blogxilla show the shirtless quarterback partying hard a few days ago at a bar in Texas.  He’s got a good grasp on that Patron bottle!
A spokesperson for the Titans had “no comment.”

Beckham’s wife: only gay men like me

Victoria Beckham says straight men no longer are eyeing her up.  She confessed that guys don’t see her that way any more. She said, “All the men that like me are gay. It’s true. I have a really strong gaydar. I do love gay men though.” – The Sun (U.K.)

Jess and Romo Officially NoMo

Finally, Dallas Cowboys fans have something to cheer about.
TMZ has learned that the romance between Jessica Simpson and hotshot QB Tony Romo is as dead as the Cowboys’ 2007 playoff run.
Their reps have been going on the record saying that they’re not split, but sources say the two have cut the cord … at least for now.

One of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback’s best buddies from his Eastern Illinois college days says Romo has ended it for two reasons: the intense media scrutiny that comes from being in Simpson’s life and the problems he has with her overbearing father, Joe Simpson. Jessica Simpson’s representatives continue to insist the two are still a couple. Plus the QB kept his promise to escort Jessica to Ashlee Simpson’s marriage over the weekend to Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz.  Be careful Carrie Underwood.  Don’t let Romo fool you again.

Cubs can’t stop all sales of offensive Kosuke Fukudome T-shirt

The Cubs attempt to prevent vendors from selling racially insensitive T-shirts outside Wrigley Field apparently have hit a snag. The T-shirts, which feature a cartoon of a slanty-eyed bear Cub with oversized, Harry Caray-style glasses and the words “Horry Kow” written on the front, drew the ire of the organization when they originally went on sale at some souvenir stands outside Wrigley in early April. The T-shirts were supposed to be an attempt to poke fun at Japanese pronunciation of the English language, using Kosuke Fukudome’s popularity on the North Side as a hook. “My personal viewpoint is they’re not blatantly racist,” said John Weier, a vendor selling the “Horry Kow” T-shirts outside of the Cubby Bear Lounge. “It’s a novelty T-shirt. We’re not trying to hurt or offend anyone.” Weier knows Fukudome does not like the T-shirts but said he has no qualms about selling them to fans, saying he was “trying to make a living.”. — Chicago Tribune

Greg Oden hangin out with Charles Barkley

Greg Oden is living in Portland with his uncle, former high school teammate Brandon McPherson and his dog, Charles Barkley McLovin.

Golf ratings down without Tiger- DUH!

Golfer Tiger Woods, recovering from knee surgery, did not compete in The Players Championship last week and it affected the ratings. The third round of the tournament, carried on NBC-TV, was down 28% compared to last year (1.8 to 2.5). The fourth round of the tournament was down 14% (3.1 to 3.6).

Hefner Wants to See Hannah’s Montanas

Hugh Hefner doesn’t get what the big deal is about 15-year-old Miley Cyrus showing a little skin.
The Playboy founder told “Extra” (via NY Daily News) that he’s open to having Miley really bare all and stop being a tease when she turns 18. Hef said the outcry over the Hannah Montana star revealing her back shows “how schizophrenic America is about sexuality.”
The spry 82-year-old is known for making public pleas to hot, young celebrities, to uncover their entire package. Hef said the Olsen twins, naked, together, is every young man’s fantasy, but the twins passed on the idea.  Not that this surprises anyone, but Hef is a little creepy.

Waiter Calls Foul on LeBron James

Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James recently dined at Cleveland’s XO Prime Steaks where he ate like a king, but tipped like a servant.
According to Cleveland Scene, LeBron and a few friends stopped by the restaurant for a late night bite. The group stayed well past closing time, until nearly 4:00 AM, ordering drinks and racking up an $800 bill. When it came time to pay up, LeBron allegedly left a measly $10 tip. The owner of the restaurant issued the following statement:
Upon completion of his meal, Mr. James paid his bill with a credit card. Our waiter mistakenly read the receipt, inferring that Mr. James had left him only a $10 tip. To clear up the misunderstanding, Mr. James arranged for an appropriate tip to be delivered to the restaurant for the waiter.

Ex-49er Suing Ex-Wife for Golddigging

Joe Montana’s softer side was sought out by NFL defenses for years — turns out his ex-wife just sold it to the highest bidder … in the form of old college love letters!
The former 49ers quarterback is suing his first wife, Kim Moses, and a Texas auction house for selling love letters and memorabilia from his time at the University of Notre Dame. The other items include Joe’s freshman I.D. card, a University of Notre Dame letter of intent and Joe and Kim’s 1979 marriage certificate.
Joe is suing in excess of $75,000 — claiming the items were obtained and sold by Moses without his consent.

Quotes of the Week (

”Today’s New York Daily News claims that former Yankee Roger Clemens had a 10-year affair with another woman. Apparently, Clemens would start having sex with her and then Mariano Rivera would come in and finish.”

”Yeah, I’m trying to lure these kids into my booth. But kids are very wary of being lured these days. Thank you, Dateline.”

”Amy Winehouse was arrested Wednesday in connection with a video that allegedly shows her doing drugs at a party. Winehouse could be looking at real jail time under England’s harsh ‘bazillion strikes’ law.”


There’s plenty happening this week in Tunica.  For a complete list of events and attractions in Tunica, Mississippi, click on the link below.  Get easy access to the casino’s, golf courses, and all other entertainment.


Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming up in Tunica:

May 23 – 24

Ricky Lynn Gregg



May 23

The New Paula Deen Buffet Opens

Grand Casino


May 24

ZZ Top

Grand Casino


May 24

Fight at the Fitz Outdoor on the River

The Fitz


May 25

Paula Deen “Personally Paula”

Grand Casino


May 29 – 31

The Original Toughman Contest Worl Championship

Sam’s Town



Hope to see you in Tunica, and don’t forget the Tunica National 3 Person Scramble this Thursday at 5pm.  Just call 866-TEE-OFF1 for more information or go online at  See you there.

It’s great to be back from vacation!  Talk to y’all this week.


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