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May 1, 2008

Thursday Morning

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I’m back to blogging after a week and a half in North Carolina visiting my brother and other family (Ed: This is why I’m a Carolina fan, for all two of you who read this and were wondering). While I was there, I had a wonderful time, went out in Chapel Hill a few times, but unfortunately was not around for Tyler Hansbrough being a Golden God:
Tyler Hansbrough Gold God
Or Bobby Frasor, for that matter:
Bobby Frasor Gold God
I was next door at my brother’s frat house, though, and had a great time watching 18-22 year old girls prance around in bikinis at his fraternity’s Beer Slide Party. Although I did not participate in the aforementioned Beer Slide, it looked like fun.
I guess Buzz Bisinger won’t be reading this. EXPLICIT LANGUAGE ON THIS VIDEO:

That was from Costas Now the other night on HBO (obviously). As for my opinion on this matter, it would be pretty hypocritical of me to sit here and criticize bloggers, because what I do is the same thing in a different medium. Despite the fact that a lot of these blogs are extremely mean-spirited, I enjoy them. Buzz, I think, made a couple of huge mistakes in his argument. First of all, I think he lumps bloggers and commenters on their blogs together, which is irresponsible and incorrect. Secondly, I think he fails to realize that I have just as much right to an opinion as he does. Obviously, I am not as qualified to give the opinion as he is, his being a sports columnist and author or whatnot, but I still have a right to my opinion. Just a fantastic clip, and you gotta feel for Braylon Edwards, who may have fired his agent today.

We had Caleb Campbell on the show yesterday in the 5:00 hour, and what a terrific kid he is. The guy was interviewed by ESPN when he was drafted, but Dan Patrick a couple of days ago, but sounded as happy to be on the air with three dudes from Memphis as he was to be on with the big timers. Detroit got a great kid, whom I hope turns into a good football player.


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