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April 30, 2008

Tuesday Ramblings(One day late)

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So now we find out that Roger Clemens is not only an alleged steroid user, but also an alleged pervert. Does Clemens really expect us to believe that everyone is just out to get him and that none of this is true? Come on Roger, that only worked for Lance Armstrong.

Let’s not kid ourselves about Mindy McCready either. It’s no coincidence that this information came out right when she had a new album and some other projects coming and she is trying to put her career back together after a drug arrest. Whatever the motive, I tend to believe it is true.

If I am Billy Ray Cyrus, I’m really hoping Clemens isn’t a Vanity Fair reader.

Now for the weekly American Idol chat. Greg Gaston may be right, maybe the show has run its course. The ratings are down this year and last week’s results show was the lowest rated episode in five years. That’s not the point this week though, if you watched last night’s show you will know what I mean when I say to Paula, “Just say no!”

What a train wreck!

How disappointing have the NBA Playoffs been? I was really excited heading into the postseason, especially with the matchups in the Western Conference. They have all been duds though. The two best series have been the two Eastern Conference series that everyone thought would be sweeps with Detroit-Philadelphia and Boston-Atlanta. I hope the playoffs pick up in round two.

Speaking of the playoffs, my most disappointing performance came from Phoenix. I, like many others, picked the Suns to beat the Spurs and then they lose 4-1. It makes the Shaq trade look like a mistake in the end. I do wonder how things would have went if the Suns had held on to win game 1 like they should have.

I don’t like to grade the NFL draft because frankly I haven’t seen nearly as much of the players as the guys who drafted them, so I assume they know what their doing. I know there will be many busts, but I’m not going to try and guess as to who they’ll be. I prefer to look at the draft about three years down the road to see how teams did. There’s a reason that even someone like Mel Kiper grades all but one team with a B or C, it’s because he knows it gives him a much better shot at being right. When your title is “Draft Expert” you don’t really want to go out on a limb and end up looking like an idiot a couple years from now.

I will offer this analysis of the draft though, if I was Atlanta, I would have taken Brian Brohm in round 2 and Glenn Dorsey at #3 overall rather than take Matt Ryan at #3, but again, those guys put a lot more work into studying the players than I do.

Here are some interesting articles about all time bad draft picks. This one takes a look at each team’s worst first-round pick ever. This one is just a list of the worst first rounders of all time regardless of team.

That will do it for now. Have a good day.


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