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April 27, 2008

Sunday on the Couch

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Before I get to my thoughts of the week, I am stunned by the response I got regarding Bucky Covington.  Women love this guy!  Really?  This guy?

Wow!  He’s a cross between Leif Garrett and my dog!

Here’s what happened to Leif Garrett…..

Hope the same doesn’t occur to Bucky!

You Bucky Covington fans probably think Kellie Pickler is a great country artist as well.  Sure she looks great and all (thanks to a terrific surgeon), but I hope you’re not all falling for her sweet, innocent, and stupid, country girl routine.  She’s a fraud.  If she cries one more time singing “I Wonder”, I think I’m going to throw up!  Also, in response to Peter Edmiston’s classless attack on me, I can’t believe he’d actually write the words, “I Love Bucky Covington.”  You should be embarrassed and apologize to all of your coworkers.  I wanted to respond to his attack via the blog all week, but I thought I’d be a professional about it- something Peter has not been when it comes to Bucky.  Were you saying those things just to impress all of my women listeners?  Didn’t you just get married.  Sorry, maybe I shouldn’t go there.  I shouldn’t be childish like Peter, but HE STARTED IT!  I digress.

On to my thoughts of the week……..

The NFL Draft is over.  Thank goodness.  At least I get another 4 months without Chris Berman screaming at me.  You know who really thinks Chris Berman is funny?  CHRIS BERMAN!  I will not grade this year’s draft, because general managers, coaches, and scouts did a lot more work than I did, so who am I to question their selections?  Give them three years before we decide.  Remember 2 years ago when the Texans were foolish for taking Mario Williams over Reggie Bush?  They’re not looking so foolish now!  What I will grade are the “experts” predictions of the first round.  On Friday, I posted mock drafts from the Sports Bar (Me and Weinberger), Pat Kirwan (, Mel Kiper (ESPN), Pete Prisco (, Clark Judge (, Charley Casserly (CBS Sports), and  Here are the results:

Picks that were dead on: Kiper- 9, Judge- 7, Me- 6, Kirwan-6, 6, Prisco- 5, Casserley- 5, Weinberger- 4.

Number of correct players in the top 10: Me- 9, Kiper- 9, Casserly- 9, Weinberger- 8, Kirwan- 8, Prisco- 8, Judge- 8, 8.

Number of correct players in the first round: Me- 26, Casserly- 26, Kirwan- 25, Prisco- 24, Judge- 24, Kiper- 23, 23, Weinberger- 22.

Biggest stretch pick that wasn’t taken in the first round (actual draft spot): Me- Phillip Merling 21 (32), Weinberger- Calais Campbell 17 (50), Kirwan- Devin Thomas 15 (34), Kiper- Devin Thomas 11 (34), Prisco- Devin Thomas 11 (34), Judge- Devin Thomas 11 (34), Casserly- Devin Thomas 11 (34), Devin Thomas 11 (34).  For the record, I was the only one that did not have Devin Thomas going in the first round. 

It sure looks like I was the best expert this weekend.  What made me even more of an expert is that I didn’t watch a minute of the overrated draft coverage.  What a bore.  It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon so I went and played golf with the world renowned executive chef at FedExForum, Mark the Chef.  We played 18 at T.O. Fuller State Park Golf Course.  I know that it’s labeled as the best kept golfing secret in the mid-south.  It really shouldn’t be.  The course has gotten better every year that I’ve been here.  Plus, it might be the most unique course I’ve ever played.  Between the hills, the doglegs, the blind shots, and the par 3 fourth, you’ll never experience anything like it.  They should label T.O. Fuller as the most unique golfing experience in the Mid-South.  That fourth hole could be argued as the hardest hole on the planet.  It’s not a good hole for my golf game, because there’s danger everywhere.  As a matter of fact, I picked my ball up after 6 shots and three hills climbed.  It was my first outing of the year, and I certainly have a lot of work to do.  I’m thinking of retiring from playing my own ball and going strictly to being a scramble player.

While I was golfing, I had the house cleaned.  Why do we feel the need to clean before the cleaning people come over?  It makes no sense, but I was guilty of it.

John Calipari has some holes to fill on his coaching staff.  His first call should be to Ryan Miller.  Ryan was an end of the pay-scale coach for Cal a few years ago.  He went on to Pepperdine under Vance Walberg, and then to New Mexico under Steve Alford.  Miller did a great job recruiting for both schools and is very familiar with Cal’s system thanks to his time at Memphis and Pepperdine.  No one knows the system as well, and you couldn’t find a better guy to represent the University of Memphis.  I hope to see him on the bench at FedExForum next season.

Were we really supposed to be as shocked as ESPN was when we heard that Josh Howard occasionally smokes weed?  Is that really a big story?  If the Dallas Mavericks want to get rid of him for that, I know a great place he should go.  I’d love to see him knocking down shots for the Grizzlies next year.  In fact, when the Mavs, Nuggets, and Suns all lose, I hope Chris Wallace is on the phone trying to get some players for the Grizzlies.  I’ll take Howard, Brandon Bass, Marcus Camby, Eduardo Najera, JR Smith, Linas Kleiza, or Amare Stoudamire.  Any one of them could help the Grizz and I’m sure a few of them could be had.

Should we pencil in Tracy McGrady on the overrated list?  He is a great player, but has never won a first round playoff series, and has disappeared numerous times in the 4th quarter.  Sure he’s always the focus of the defense and sees plenty of double teams, but he’s a superstar.  He’s supposed to overcome those things.  There’s no room on my team for him.

How can the New York Knicks go through this interviewing process without interviewing Patrick Ewing?  Ewing might not be a great head coach, but he deserves an interview, especially from the Knicks.  One of the all-time great Knicks has at least paid his dues.  What has Marc Jackson done, other than being unlistenable on NBA broadcasts?  What gives him any credibility to be a head coach?  Dwight Howard credits a lot of his success to Ewing.  He’s not just a big man coach either.  He prepares games just like any other assistant.  He’s been coaching for years and deserves the shot.  I don’t know why I am surprised.  They are the New York Knicks- the biggest embarrassment in sports.

Farewell to Swig.  One of my favorite spots in town has closed its doors.  It’s too bad the company hasn’t taken care of the place in Memphis.  It was a great spot for the locals downtown and the bartenders there were some of the best in Memphis.  They always made a great drink and they always remembered you when you came in a second time.  They took care of their customers and always provided a friendly atmosphere.  It’s too bad it’s gone.  The food was great too.  Oh, how I’ll miss those fried olives.  I hope someone buys the place and re-opens it, because I’ve grown a little tired of Beale Street.

There are two horrible movies that I always watch when they’re on.  Not because they’re great movies, but because they’re watchable because of who’s in them.

As a matter of fact, I can’t watch anything with Brendan Fraser or Freddy Prinze- Except these two movies.  Jessica Biel and Liz Hurley are just simply amazing.  It’s worth your time to google images of both.  Guh!  Hurley is one of the all time cougars, while Biel is one of the all time sexy human beings.  Memphis’ own Justin Timberlake certainly stepped up in talent when he dumped the much overrated Cameron Diaz for Jessica.  Kudos JT!

Birthdays this past week:  Jesse Orosco (51), Tony Danza (57- seems just yesterday he was cleaning for Moner, Angela, Samanta, and Jonatin), Glen Campbell (72), Jack Nicholson (71), Chipper Jones (36), Barbara Streisand (66), Kelly Clarkson (26- Bucky wishes he had her success), Tim Duncan (32), Al Pacino (68), Renee Zellweger (39- sour puss), Carol Burnett (74), Chuck Knox (76), Kasey Kasem (76), Sheena Easton (49- former cougar).

Have a great week.



  1. Dude stick to sports it’s what your good at and leave Bucky Covington and Kellie Pickler fans alone. I don’t watch or care for T.V. I had a friend drag me to a concert and I was done. I love Bucky. He is very nice and goes out of his way to make his fans feel comfortable and special. You can’t saw too many stars do that anymore not in music or in sports. Save your opinion until you met Bucky or Kellie, they are people too just doing their job.

    Comment by Kathy — April 28, 2008 @ 12:53 pm

  2. You are SO stupid! How dare you talk about Kellie & Bucky. They are my idols and I love them both. They are more smarter than you will ever be!!! I bet that is not even your dog in that picture! I bet no animal would want to live with you because you are just so mean spirited! I love you Kellie and Bucky and don’t let what is said here get you down. Keep your spirits up!

    Comment by Linda — April 28, 2008 @ 1:07 pm

  3. Yes, I am another Bucky FAN!

    Kellie Pickler, well let’s just say and you took the words right out of my mouth with your opinion on her!

    Not every Bucky fans is a Kellie fan.

    Comment by Trixie — April 28, 2008 @ 4:23 pm

  4. I do not believe Cal needs your advice on who to hire, worry about the Griz and there coaches they need all the help you can give,while your at it do not worry about Cals salary,as a griz homer i am sure you and the sportsbar crew would love to see Cal gone

    Comment by MIKE TRAMEL — April 29, 2008 @ 7:36 am

  5. Bucky Covington is one of the best singer/performers out there today . He is very much a crowd pleaser and very appreciative to All of his fans!!! As for his looks – HOT,HOT,HOT!!!! Personnally I think he is ALL THAT and the whole enchallada!!! (SP?) As for Leif Garrett aging,let’s see pics of you 20 yrs.ago and now, I’m sure you don’t look the same, possibly bald and larger in the belly?

    Comment by Sharon (aka..1cowgirl) — May 1, 2008 @ 8:43 am

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