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April 25, 2008

NFL Mock Draft

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Below are the NFL first round Mock Draft’s for The SportsBar (Fish and Weinberger), along with Pat Kirwan (, Mel Kiper (, The Sports Xchange, Pete Prisco (, Clark Judge (, Charley Casserly (CBS Sports), *Denotes majority pick.  Some picks- 6, 12, 15, 28- had a tie.  One player (Tyrell Johnson was the majority pick in 2 spots- 30, 32) 

             Fish         Weinberger    Kirwan          Kiper           Prisco           Judge         Casserley         Scout

  1. J. Long*       J. Long*         J. Long*        J. Long*       J. Long*       J. Long*       J. Long*        J. Long*
  2. C. Long*     C. Long*       C. Long*      C. Long*      C. Long*      C. Long*       C. Long*       Dorsey
  3. Dorsey*      Dorsey*         Dorsey*       Dorsey*       Dorsey*       Dorsey*       Dorsey*         Ryan
  4. McFadden* Gholston       McFadden*   Gholston     McFadden*  McFadden*  McFadden*   McFadden*
  5. Gholston*    Ryan            Gholston*     Harvey        Clady           Clady          Gholston*     C. Long
  6. Ellis             McFadden*   McKelvin      McFadden*   Ryan*         Gholston*     Ryan*          Gholston*
  7. Rivers*         Ellis              Ryan             Ellis            Gholston      Rivers*        Mayo            Rivers*
  8. Ryan*           Clady            Ellis             Ryan*          McKelvin      Ryan*          Clady            Jenkins
  9. Harvey         Rivers           Rivers           Rivers         Ellis*             Ellis*           Ellis*            Ellis*
  10. McKelvin*    Cromartie     Albert           McKelvin*   Rivers          McKelvin*     Rivers         McKelvin*
  11. Cromartie    Harvey          Harvey       D. Thomas*  D. Thomas* D.Thomas*  D. Thomas* D. Thomas*
  12. Clady*          Otah             Clady*          Albert        Stewart*      C. Williams* C. Williams*  Stewart*
  13. Otah            C. Williams   C. Williams   Stewart      Harvey*         Harvey*       Harvey*         Harvey*
  14. C. Williams  Mendenhall  Otah*            C.Williams  Albert           Otah*           Otah*            Clady
  15. Mendenhall* Talib           D. Thomas     Mayo*         Mayo*          Mayo*        Mendenhall*  Mendenhall*
  16. Jenkins         Jenkins       Cromartie*     Jenkins       Cromartie*   Cromartie*  F. Jones       Cromartie*
  17. Albert*        Campbell      Jenkins          Clady          Jenkins        Albert*         Albert*           Otah
  18. Talib            Cherilus       Stewart      Mendenhall* Mendenhall* Mendenhall* McKelvin       Albert
  19. Phillips        D. Jackson   Hardy             Otah*          Otah*          Cherilus       Stewart          Talib
  20. Stewart        McKelvin      Cason           Talib          D. Jackson*    Jenkins     D. Jackson*      Hardy
  21. Merling*        Merling*     Phillips        Cromartie     Merling*       Merling*      Merling*         Sweed
  22. F. Jones*       M. Kelly     Mendenhall    F. Jones*       Talib           F. Jones*     Cromartie      F. Jones*
  23. Cherilus*       Albert        Cherilus*        Balmer        Balmer         Stewart        Cherilus*       Merling
  24. D. Jackson     Sweed*        Sweed*         Merling       Sweed*         Balmer         Sweed*        D. Jackson
  25. Keller*           F. Davis       Balmer         Campbell     M. Kelly        Keller*         Keller*            Keller*
  26. Balmer         D. Thomas   Merling         J. Jones        F. Jones     J. Charles     L. Jackson*    L. Jackson*
  27. S. Baker        Flowers*      F. Jones        Flowers*     C. Williams  Flowers*      Jenkins        C. Williams
  28. M. Kelly*       F. Jones        Talib            Hardy*          Brohm         Hardy*       J. Charles      M. Kelly*
  29. Mayo*            Mayo*         Mayo*          M. Kelly       Cherilus     D. Jackson     Balmer         Cherilus
  30. T. Johnson* T. Johnson*  Flowers         Cason           Cason       T. Johnson*   Cason        T. Johnson*
  31. NO PICK       NO PICK      NO PICK       NO PICK       NO PICK       NO PICK      NO PICK       NO PICK
  32. Flowers       L. Jackson   T. Johnson*  T. Johnson*  T. Johnson*    Phillips       Phillips         Groves

Enjoy the draft.  I’ll be playing golf!  Best chances, according to our Mock Drafts, of Chris Berman calling out the first stretch:

  • Fish- Harvey
  • Weinberger- Ryan
  • Kirwan- McKelvin
  • Kiper- Harvey
  • Prisco- Thomas
  • Judge- Thomas
  • Casserly- Mayo
  • Scout- Jenkins

3 things to get annoyed with during the coverage- Boomer running out of breath, Mort saying “My sources”, and Kiper talking 40 times.  My advice- If you really want to watch, TiVo it and watch it later.  We’ll compare our mock drafts and give you the scorecard Sunday on the Couch. 


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