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April 23, 2008

Idol Chat

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I’m sitting around in the sports office at Fox 13 waiting to go on the air, and ofcourse American Idol is on the tube. (I think the show is on every night, but I digress). I am not a regular viewer of the show, but when it’s right under your nose, you may as well take a gander. My question is…why is the show so big? My Sports56 Middays co-host Eli Savoie lives for this show. I think it’s o.k., but doesn’t it get old year after year?
This particular show brought out one of those typical “scratch your head” Paula Abdul comment. I take it one of the favorites was in the last two in voting and Abdul was visibly upset that she may get tossed. Abdul said she believes the remaining contestants all have their own fan base and that’s why someone superior in her mind could be voted in the bottom two.
Well, what the hell does that mean? They ofcourse have their own group of fans. How about that weird dude from last season, and that William Hung character. Letting fans vote is fine, but like some Pro Sports League’s All-Star Games, don’t cry when a deserving person is left out, or in this case, knocked off the show. The only real treat on that show is listing to a little “Simon Say”. That guy has some coconuts.
Anyway, I need to get to work. And for the record, Savoie is starting up that young kid’s fan club. You know the one. See Eli for details.


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