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April 21, 2008

Oh the NFL Draft…

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I’ll admit it! I’m a sucker for the NFL Draft. Ok, I’ve gotten to the point where year after year I’ll take a glance at the latest mock drafts (Has mock ever been used in a more appropriate context?) on certain websites just to get a look at whom they think the Eagles will take. I used to really study them and make decisions based on them, but after numerous drafts in which my picks have not correlated with the Eagles’, I’ve taken a different approach. For the most part, I try to use my logic about Philly’s draft tendencies (look towards the future, ala Kevin Kolb in 2007) and their general history (they love offensive and defensive linemen) rather than what I immediately want (a “big play receiver” or a cornerback).

Still, Mock drafts on some sites amuse me to no end, because I wonder how many of these “experts” have ample game film seen every player they claim to know. Few writers have actually taken the time to figure out what teams need and actually broken out the game film on the prospects. Still, there is one site you really should check out if you’re looking to gain some legitimate information on NFL Draft prospects: Cut and paste this site, click on the link, whatever. It’s not the most glamorous site by any means, but its content seems to be the most legitimate. It’s run by Tommy Lawlor, who has been trained in the art of scouting and player evaluation and provides quality profiles on some 300 prospects, including many small school guys. I’m enamored with the site, and not just cause Lawlor is an Eagles fan. He notes the schemes and teams in which prospects would be best served. Take the site’s evaluation of LSU cornerback Chevis Jackson: “Does not have the speed to play man in the NFL without regular Safety help. Probably needs to play in a Cover 2 scheme where his ability to jam receivers and also to play the ball would be a good fit” ( I’m not saying this guy is perfect because nobody is going to accurately evaluate every player and decision. Still, He’s not just trying to match players with teams to sound intelligent. When i need to gleam information on a player, I’d rather look at Scouts Notebook, which is at least run by people who have seen some film on these players and know what to look for. There’s probably a reason they’re not real scouts, but they know more than this member of the Media (and probably many more) in terms of evaluating players (heck, i’m following their lead in terms of what to analyze).

Sites like have projected the Eagles taking a Linebacker, which really perplexes me because the Eagles never really put significant stock into them. In the Andy Reid-Jim Johnson era, they have NEVER taken a linebacker in the first round, and they have a healthy stable of young studs at the position in OMAR Gaither (will be entering his third year in 2008), Steward Bradley (will be entering his second year in ’08), and Chris Gocong (will be entering his third year in ’08), along with Akeem Jordan and Pago Togafau sitting as young reserves (both will be entering their second years in ’08). Sure they may well draft a linebacker later in the draft to compete for a roster spot, but I do not envision the Eagles wasting a first round pick on that position. Instead, I’d presume they’ll do what they always do: address the lines. They have eleven draft picks already, and may package disgruntled cornerback Lito Sheppard in a trade to move up in the draft and draft an Offensive Tackle (likely Vandy’s Chris Williams, or Boise State’s Ryan Clady or UVA’s Brandon Albert should they fall). Then again, they could be thinking something else (maybe trade down for a DT like UNC’s Kentwan Balmer, or trade up for one like USC’s Sedrick Ellis). Then again, this is the draft and this is the Eagles. I didn’t envision us selecting QB Kevin Kolb last year or Offensive Lineman Shawn Andrews back in 2004. Hell, maybe they will take a linebacker of a runingback, this the Eagles my friends, and they have made decisions in games and in player moves which make me just scream “What the **** are we doing? Still my educated hunch says they’ll draft an offensive or defensive lineman.

Birdfeed: The Flyers just blew a 2-0 2nd period lead to the Capitals in Game 6 from Philly. Here we go again. We’re about to lose a series after leading 3-1…I must say i was impressed with the Sixers’ win in Game 1 against Detroit. They played great defense, especially in the second half, and they held Detroit to just 32% from the field in the game. Still, I’m not going to get too carried away. It’s not like they eliminated Detroit (as some obnoxious channels seem to be treating the win).


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  1. Run by Tommy Lawlor and Matt Alkire actually.


    Thanks for the kind words.

    Comment by Matt Alkire — April 21, 2008 @ 9:50 pm

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