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April 15, 2008


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Having no personal vested interest in the Kansas-Memphis game, I decided to watch the game with my friend Mark and some of his buddies. Considering Mark was a lifelong tigers fan (at 24 years of age), watching it with a true fan (as opposed to one of these bandwagon fans) figured to bring a sense of excitement. We watched it at a local Memphis establishment with a gathering of Tigers fans. The game itself gave off the impression that Derrick Rose was going to take over in a (dare i say it) Michael Jordan style. He certainly came to life in the second half and really put the Tigers ahead, scoring 15 of his 18 points in the Second Half.

Still, you got the feeling that Kansas was not dead yet, as they chipped away at their 9 point deficit and trailed the Tigers by just four with 1:53 left. With 1:23 left in the second half and the Tigers up 62-56, Joey Dorsey committed one of the more mind boggling fouls I’ve seen. Standing at the top of the key, he bumped Kansas Guard (and Tournament MVP) Mario Chalmers out of bounds. Sure Tigers fans can question whether it was that tough of a push, but it definitely drew contact, and raises the question of WHY Dorsey was standing at the three point line trying to guard a much faster guard? The foul proved costly, as it was Dorsey’s fifth. Chalmers made both free throws and trimmed the Tigers advantange back down to four. That foul would come back to haunt the Tigers in overtime, as they had no answer inside for Kansas’ Darrell Arthur, Darnell Jackson, and the driving attack of Brandon Rush and Mario Chalmers. The Tigers lacked he ability to get any defensive push inside in the extra frame, and ultimately Kansas came away with the Championship.

Still, back to the experience at the establishment. At some point late in the second half and the tigers up by 9, somebody yelled out that the Tigers had won the Championship. Not to say that the Tigers players heard the comment and slacked off, but a proclamation like that just reeks of a jinx. If any Eagles fan had yelled that i would have gotten into a cursing match with them immediately after such a bold proclamation. Anyway, it seemed like clockwork the game unraveled after the claim and before i knew it, the place was dejected and the Tigers had fallen. The most painful part, though, came from my boys Mark and Hunter. They both just stood there in tears, eyes welling up and and empty look of shock. To make a long story short, we ended up hanging around the shopping center near “the establishment” (no, it wasn’t a strip club) until 12:15am, trying to cope with the loss.

NO way in HELL will I pretend to be a Tiger fan. If you are a bandwagon Fan, I have no respect for you because you really don’t know what it means to suffer with your team and you probably don’t feel real pain right now. This is going to sound so cheesy but what the hell? Still, I haven’t seen group of sports fans so dejected since we Eagles fans were when the New Orleans Saints eliminated us from the playoffs back in January 2007. Being a fan of Philly teams, has exposed me to more than my fair share of pain and agony and it sucks. It does take a while to get over because you never really know if you’ll get that chance to win the title again. Our superbowl loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIL still haunts me to this day, because we blew a chance at the title then and haven’t gotten another shot since. I’m still anxiously waiting for a title, but I wonder if we’ll ever get that chance again. That’s the toughtest reality the Tigers fans must endure right now, is the possibility that they may not get this chance for a while. Not to say second best is good enough (it sure isn’t for Philly fans), but keep your heads up cause your team gave Memphis a hell of a run.


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