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April 15, 2008

Sunday On The Couch

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Brunched at Bosco’s in Midtown: Proscuitto and artichoke omelette was pretty amazing.  The bagel with salmon, cream cheese, capers, and onion is an automatic, as is a side of bacon.  Pretty good bloody mary as well! 

     – Top 5 brunches in ’08

  • 5. Tugg’s
  • 4. Blue Monkey
  • 3. Owen Brennan’s
  • 2. Bosco’s
  • 1. Blue Plate

Went to Baskin Robbins for the first time ever.  I know that’s sad, but I was always a Dairy Queen guy growing up – Peanut Buster Parfait, Kit Kat Blizzard, Dipped Cone, Mister Misty- FORGET ABOUT IT!  Anyway, walking into BR31 brought the best aroma to my nose in a long time!  I just don’t understand why they stopped at 31.  They should be up to 100 by now.  Got scoops of birthday cake, world class chocolate, and york peppermint patty in a cup lined with a waffle cone.  Pretty good stuff while watching the Masters.

How good are Drumsticks out of the freezer?  From taking off the paper top to eating that chunk of chocolate at the bottom of the cone- Pretty Amazing! 

Speaking of the Masters, what a disapopointing Sunday.  Sure Trevor played well, but no one ever threatened, or came close.  I want scores!  I don’t need 64 or even 68, but how about a 69 or a 70?  I’d like a great shot to actually count for a score instead of a save. I also miss Tiger actually making a charge.  Every time he wins, he blows away the field this year.  I want drama.  There was none in this Masters.  It actually made me wonder what golf would be like if there was no Tiger Woods.  Not sure how much I’d watch.  Did Phil even play on Sunday?  I misremember.  What has happened to Retief?

Verne Lundquist is one of the best old generation broadcasters left.  He’s great on golf and his college football is worth staying home to watch the SEC game of the week.

I had the bacon western burger at Carl’s Junior a couple of weeks ago.  I can’t help but think that all burgers would taste better with an onion ring on it.  As much as I love Alex’s burgers and Dyer burgers, you can’t tell me they wouldn’t be better with a single onion ring on it!  Quarter Pounder with cheese- Better with an onion ring!  Whopper- Better with an onion ring!  Heck, a Subway club- Better with an onion ring! 

Keanu Reeves sucks! 

Interviewed Joey Dorsey at the Grizzlies game last night.  He was in good spirits and had some great things to say about the Tigers and the support of the fans.  He mentioned how much they wanted to win for the entire city.  He said he hasn’t had time to cherish the accomplishments of the season yet, because it still stings a little.  Joey added that Saturday night’s Grizzlies game was the first time he left his room.  I asked him about his plans this summer and he said he’s gonna be working hard especially on his offensive game, ball handling skills, mid-range game, and post up game because he feels the defense is already there.  After the interview, the fans behind the basket gave Joey a standing ovation.  It was pretty cool.

Can’t get enough of the NHL Playoffs.  As I’ve said many times before, there’s no more coveted trophy than Lord Stanley’s Cup.  The passion the players play with in the NHL playoffs is like no other sport.  If you’re not a fan of hockey, here are 2 helpful hints to enjoy the greatest game on ice.  1- if the game is tied, watch the last ten minutes of the third period and overtime.  There’s nothing better, especially if it’s a clinching game.  2- Hi def TV.  If you have hi def, the game is much better than it used to be on television.  All hockey fans ever wanted was to eliminate the blue line and have a salary cap.  It has made the game so much better.  It’s the only strike that may have saved a sport.  Even though it was hard to get fans back, they’re coming back now and the game is as good as ever.  Check it out if you get the chance.  However, be warned.  If you thought basketball officials were bad, the NHL might actually be worse. 

Diff’rent Strokes or Facts of Life?  I say Facts of Life.  Blair and Jo were pretty hot in the day.  Tootie always brought a lot to the table, and Mrs. G always had some good quips.  Diff’rent Strokes was good until the entire cast became criminals and the red head hoosier stepkid joined the show.  The better question is Blair or Jo?  Tough call.  What about Mr. D or Mrs. G?  I take Mrs. G.  She made a good pastry.

Not a fan of the bathroom attendant.  I’m expected to leave a dollar to turn on water to wash my hands?  I don’t understand why we don’t tip at a concession stand, but we do at a beer stand.  I think we should tip checkout people at the grocery store.  They work harder than a guy pouring beer or turning water on for me in a bathroom. 

Would you rather listen to Reggie Miller do a game or Billy Packer.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I would take Packer. 

As tough as I have been on them in the past, I was pleased with the Grizzlies Dance Team this year.  It was the best team and the best dancing I’ve seen for the Grizzlies since they moved here.  Still not among the top ten, but climbing the ladder.  They’re like Rudy Gay.  I hope the leap they take next year is similar to this season!   Thought the grannies were better this year too.  Plus, to end the season with the Quick Change halftime show was a great finisher to what has been a tough season.  Most disappointing thing about the home finale, OTHER THAN STANDS COLAPSING, was missing Peter Edmiston’s wedding.  Congrats Peter.  So upset I missed the celebration.  You know how much I love a good dance.  Was there a group chicken dance?

Finally watched Saturday Night Live with Christopher Walkin from last week.  He’s one of the best hosts ever, along with Alec Baldwin!  His opening monologue was very funny.

Female hunters between the ages of 6 and 15 are up 50% from last year!  That’s a lot more future women with guns!  Yikes!

Watched the movie Shooter on the plane this week.  Pretty good.  Mark Wahlberg is pretty intense.  Plus, government assasination coverup movies are always pretty strong.  Always end the flights with episodes of Arrested Development on DVD.  One of the best sitcoms in the last decade.  Office is number one, which just started up again this week.  So glad the writers strike is over.  I’m sure I’ll have a top ten in the next couple of weeks. 

Watched 30 Rock this week.  If you saw it, you know what I mean when I say- How amazing would MILF Island be?  I’D WATCH!

Speaking of the Office and Milves, how about Jan on the office?  Crazy MILF, but a MILF nonetheless.

Jackie Chan turned 54 last Monday.  WOW!  Other birthdays last week- Tony Dorsett (54) Hugh Hefner (82) John Madden (72) Mandy Moore (24) Steven Seagal (56) Dave Letterman (61) Vince Gill (51) Ricky Schroeder (38)

Crawfish Festival next Sunday on the riverfront.  Can’t wait.  It’s the Official start of summer as far as I’m concerned.  The sun will be shining, the crawfish will be peeling, and people will be getting sunburned.  I love the sunburned people!


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