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April 15, 2008

Something Different

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Compared to the Tiger talk this is something different, and you probably wont hear much about this from the great talk radio shows in Memphis like the Sports Bar or Sportstime Extra, but today the NFL Schedule will be released at 1:00 P.M. Memphis time (probably before this is actually posted since my blogs take a while to clear the press). Anyway, it’s 7:41 AM Tuesday, April 15 (the glorious tax day), and the Schedule has not been released. Invariably each year, though, I find myself excited until the release, and then bitching for the next nine months about how the NFL royally screwed the Eagles over and gave the Dallas (SUCKS) Cowgirls an easy schedule. Not since the 2004 season has the NFL made the Cowgirls head to Philadelphia in the cold, and for a while that enraged me to no end. Just yesterday, though, Andy Skrzat (fellow Sports 56 WHBQ employee and also a devout Eagles fan) reminded me of the reality of sports: If the Eagles really want to make sure Dallas (SUCKS) gets to come to HELL frozen Over (the Linc in late December or January), they will take care of their own business by winning the most games in the NFC and clinching Home Field Advantage. Since that 2004 Season, though, we have failed to ensure that the Cowgirls could come to Philly in the Cold through various losses which we could have avoided had we played well.

Ironically, the last time Dallas (SUCKS) even had to go to Philadelphia for the second of the two meetings, they played in Philly in Mid-November of the 2005 Season. Philly led 20-7 and Donovan pretty much handed the Cowgirls the win with his Interception to Roy Williams, which Williams returned 40 yards for a touchdown and effecively ended Philly’s season (McNabb was injured on the return and the Team was demoralized after that loss). We would then wind up actually hosting Washington for our season finale, yet the game had no meaning and the Eagles lost. See what happens when I get what I want and am actually happy about the schedule? A season of turmoil and collapse, with two disappointing home games late in the year (hey, i wanted those home games but i wanted to WIN them too).

Still, the previous two seasons I have been like a kid on Christmas the day the schedule comes out, only to feel demoralized in some way. Two years ago I was hoping to get a division game over Christmas break, and i got that wish in the form of the second and third of three straight division games on the road. Of course i was unable to make those games and the first of those three division road games (the one at Washington) occured right in the midst of exams. That Dallas game on Christmas in the 2006 season originally was supposed to be held in Philly (I would have gone to that with my brother and sister, who are also devout Eagles fans) but for some reason it got switched to Dallas. We wound up winning all three of those road games in route to a miraculous Division Title with Donovan out with that torn ACL.

Last year, again hoped to get the late season Division game at Home. We got it with the New Jersey Giants coming to Philadelphia in Week 14 (again in the middle of my exams, a game i could not attend). Well, we wound up allowing Plaxico Burress to torch us for the millionth time (he had both of the Giants’ two touchdowns against us last year) and our offense was inept after the first drive of the game, as we lost 16-13, a defeat which pretty much eliminated us from the playoffs (not officially but more or less it was the final nail in our coffin). The following week we had to return to Dallas (SUCKS), again playing their for the second game in our season, and somehow acutually played as a team and with good defense, pulling out a 10-6 win. Yet again, when i get what i want (a late season division game at home) we botch it, and yet again, when i find myself griping with the scheduling (due to a late season division game on the road, especially at the Cowgirls) we somehow win.

The bottom line is that the Eagles have no control over how the league schedules our games (yes i know i dont play for them but Philly fans have an emotional connection to their teams like NO other fans, especially all those bandwagon Dallas (SUCKS) fans). Anyway if we want to ensure we get a late season division game at home, we need to take care of our business. Even then, we still have to win the game if we get a division team at home in the playoffs (or late in the season) or the location is null and void. When the schedule is released, I will invariably either complain because the Eagles “got screwed” in the deal, or because we got what i wanted but (i know i’ll be convinced) we’ll find a way to mess up our good deal. The bottom line is we just need to win the first game of the season and take the season one week at a time

Birdfeed: I HATE the Cowgirls and their obnoxious fans. Hell I’ll probably do a blog on them sometime too, but I must clarify why i always refer to them as Dallas (SUCKS). At Eagles games we chant DALLAS SUCKS either when they take the field, are on the field (that does mean all game when we play them) or when we see them lose on the scoreboard. DALLAS SUCKS….To me, the Giants are the New JERSEY Giants. They play in Jersey, are located in Jersey, and could pick anywhere in the state of New York as their location and stadium if they want me to acknowledge them with the name of that state. The Jets will also have a New Jersey placed in front of them in a few years when they relocate to Jersey (they play in Jersey now but are located in NYC)…..Wednesday, April 16, 2008 is the One Year Anniversary of the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech. Tech is located about an hour and a half from my home (of Lynchburg, VA) and the shooting still hurts me today. May the 32 Victims Rest In Peace.


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