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April 15, 2008

Life goes on…..I think

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I cover the Tigers and other sports programs and organizations for a living. I am not an Alum nor a member of the Blue Crew, or a 50 year fan of the program. So if I’m not any of that, than why does this sting so much?

Even when you cover a sports team for a living, and act as impartial as you can, you still grow close to the members of that program. It doesn’t alter your viewpoint, nor sway your judgement, but you find yourself internally rooting for that team.

This season has been as enjoyable as it gets. The team played out of their minds, and for the most part, the players were aproachable and downright enjoyable to speak with. Coach John Calipari and I have always had a good relationship, and that continued during this magical year. It’s that and much more that makes this hard to swallow. You almost feel that you have a stake in the team beyond just covering the story.

I realize this will pass like everything else, but for me it’s just hard to imagine any Tigers fan being able to let this one go anytime soon. This one stings and will certainly linger. However, in time we will all move on, and look forward to the next sport, the next team, the next season. And at that time we will do it all over again, for life certainly does go on.


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