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April 10, 2008


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I went to Calhoun’s last night, which is a favorite hangout of mine and, incidentally, a favorite hangout of a lot of Tiger fans and coaches. Usually, Calhoun’s is packed out, but last night, there were only a few people there. I sense a palpable hangover throughout the entire city from Monday night’s game. I can’t say that I’m surprised, because if I put myself in Tiger fans’ shoes and that happened to North Carolina, I’m not sure I would have even been back to work yet this week, much less be going out to bars trying to have a good time.

Speaking of Calhoun’s, it really is a fantastic bar. It’s a bit small, but the atmosphere is great. They have a few things at Calhoun’s that any bar needs to be successful:
A Golden Tee machine: In order for me to take your bar seriously, there must be a Golden Tee machine in it. This one is a little retro, and the trackball is a little dicey, but the selection of courses is fantastic.
A great jukebox: Now, I can’t say that it is as good as the jukebox at Earnestine and Hazel’s, because there is no bar in America with one that good. But Calhoun’s has a terrific one–one of those newfangled ones where you punch in your song and download it. Whether you’re a fan of the Ramones or Garth Brooks, they have at least one song on there for you.
Fantastic bartenders and friendly staff: This is where Calhoun’s really sets itself apart from other places I’ve been. The bartenders at Calhoun’s, Lauren and Michelle, are the two best bartenders I’ve ever had in Memphis, bar none. You will never be sitting there waiting for a drink, ever, regardless of how many people are there. It has been slammed multiple times I’ve been in there, and not once did I ever have to go to the bar or even ask for a drink. They are very friendly as well. The owner, Max, is fantastic as well. I’ve never seen an owner of a place make such an effort to hang out with and interact with customers. It’s nice to see.

So for what my opinion is worth, Calhoun’s is great, and is definitely worth stopping in regularly. It is on G.E. Patterson just east of Main St. a few doors down from the Arcade.

The Masters is underway today, and I can’t get one thing out of my head–the pretentiousness of the whole thing. The Masters, perhaps more than any other tournament, has this holier-than-thou air. Everyone always talks about how great the Masters is, and the course is phenomenal and incredibly beautiful, but this note of snobbery is always there…from the arrogance of Hootie Johnson to the whole concept of the green jacket. Just kind of rubs me the wrong way. I like the British Open better.

I guess it’s going to take a while for Tiger fans to get over this loss, and I certainly understand that. But I think this will make you feel better: ZOMBIE STRIPPERS!!


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