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April 5, 2008

Memphis 78 UCLA 63

Filed under: ncaa tourney — Eli Savoie @ 7:39 pm

Wow, what another great performance by the Tigers tonight. A few things really stood out to me. First, was the way Memphis was able to take Kevin Love out of the game in the second half even with Dorsey and Taggert in foul trouble. It was a great job of team defense. The guards did a nice job of taking the entry pass away so they could never get the ball to Love on the block. Second was the play at the point guard position as Derrick Rose again dominated an All-American type player. Rose looked extremely comfortable and confident all night while Darren Collison never looked either comfortable or confident. Collison was downright awful to tell you the truth and Rose had a lot to do with it. Finally, the fact that Memphis was able to speed up the pace of the game to their liking. It is not easy to do that and UCLA is one of the best in the country at slowing games down, but they couldn’t do that against the Tigers. The fast paced game also caused UCLA to tire in the second half, they could not handle it.

I’ve been saying for a couple months I liked UCLA to win it all and I stuck with that this week, but I’m happy to say I was wrong. I’m looking forward to seeing the Tigers play for the title Monday night. No matter which team they play it should be a very entertaining game, but I am hoping for a North Carolina win tonight. I think a Memphis-UNC matchup would be absolutely terrific and extremely fun to watch.


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  1. Happy for your station maybe since it benefits from the Tigers success.Happy for the tigers i think not.Happy for Joey Dorsey yea right. Happy for Cal,what a joke.You want Dorsey to foul-up in the worst way Monday so you can say i told you so.You want the Tigers to lose monday missing F.T. SO you can say i told you so.You want the tigers to lose so you can tell everyone how pearl is a better coach then CAL,and say i told you so,You want the tigers to lose so you can say i told you conf usa sucked.Do you really think Tiger fans are buying what your selling.Tell your boy Bruce Pearl to make it to the finals of the sec Tourny before you can mention him in the same breath with Cal.If was you who 2 years ago wanted the tigers to let cal take the N.C. State job saying he was not worth keeping.Just like alot of the media you do not like Cal personally so you take your shots any chance you get.

    Comment by mike tramel — April 6, 2008 @ 7:03 am

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