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April 4, 2008

Andy Kaufman and Final Four Picks

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So here we are. Final Four Saturday. The absolute apex of college basketball. Before I get to my picks, I’ll say this about Andre Allen. On one hand, as a Memphis fan, you have to be frustrated with the guy. It’s your first Final Four in 23 years, an article comes out the day of his suspension talking about how the Final Four puts Memphis in the spotlight for all the right reasons, and then he gets suspended, presumably for failing a drug test. How could he be so selfish? Or make such a bad decision?
But on the other hand, you have to feel bad for him. The kid was supposed to be an unbelievable prospect early in his high school career, but never grew above 5’9. He walks on at Memphis and eventually becomes a contributor on a team that finally gets to the Final Four after three straight Elite Eights…and then can’t go because of a failed drug test. Heartbreaking stuff. What should have been the absolute Hollywood ending to Andre Allen’s basketball career becomes a complete nightmare. You have to be angry if you’re a Tiger fan, but man, it has to pull at the heartstrings a bit.

Without further ado…the Final Four picks.

Final Four Picks:

UNC vs. Kansas:

If you watched the UNC game against Louisville last weekend, then you understand why Tyler Hansbrough is the Player of the Year in college basketball. He completely put the team on his back in the second half and willed the team to the victory. Carolina has as many weapons as anyone left, and the best bench. However, I think this is a pretty good matchup for Kansas. Kansas likes to play in transition, and plays great defense to boot. I also think they have more NBA players than anyone left, and as we’ve seen the last few years (Florida ’06-’07, UNC ’05, UConn ’04, Syracuse ’03, need I continue?), that tends to mean you’ve got a good shot at winning the title. UNC has played better than anyone the entire tournament, but I think people are reading too much into Kansas’ struggling against Davidson.

Kansas 76, UNC 72, and I am extremely upset.

Memphis vs. UCLA:

If you would have a player miss this game, you could do much worse than Andre Allen. His loss is not going to hurt the team that badly from a talent standpoint. However, it does hurt them from a toughness and intangible standpoint. Allen was one of the leaders on the team, and a key defensive reserve that tired the opposing point guard out with his physical play and relentlessness. UCLA is by far the most balanced team that Memphis has seen this season, and has the best player that they’ve seen in Kevin Love. The Tigers have destroyed their last two opponents, and the two keys to the game, at least for me, are whether or not Kevin Love draws fouls on the Memphis bigs and whether or not, if adversity presents itself and this game goes down to the wire, the Tigers will handle it correctly. As for me, I think they do.

Memphis 66, UCLA 64

Join me in prayer that Kansas and UCLA don’t win the games and we see a UNC-Memphis national title. The style of play and the talent on the floor would make it like an NBA game. Before I leave you, I give you Andy Kaufman, a long time ago. It’s Memphis vs. UCLA, wrasslin’ style.



  1. Why are you censoring what i write,because you do not like the truth

    Comment by MIKE TRAMEL — April 7, 2008 @ 11:48 am

  2. No. Because you never have anything factual or positive to say.

    Comment by williamaskew — April 7, 2008 @ 3:38 pm

  3. Its facts matter you and whinehead would be off the air tell everyone again how rose was not going to school collison.Man up to what you say

    Comment by MIKE TRAMEL — April 7, 2008 @ 3:54 pm

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