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April 30, 2008

BCS Mess Will Continue

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At least SEC Commissioner Mike Slive stepped up to the box, unfortunately he took a 3-2 curve ball right over the heart of the plate. On Wednesday BCS officials rejected a proposal from Slive for a mini 4 team playoff that would culminate in a plus one format. Division 1-A College Football continues to be the only sport (Collegiately or Professionally) to not determine a champion by some form of a playoff.
Here was the quote from ACC Commissioner John Swofford…”After a very thorough discussion among the group, we have decided that because we feel at this time the BCS is in an unprecedented state of health, we feel it’s never been healthier during it’s first decade. We have a made a decision to move forward in the next cycle with the current format”. Slive responded by saying that he wasn’t surprised, and quite frankly, should any of us be?
College Football is a great sport and there’s not much I can find fault with. The BCS however is something that the majority of college pigskin fans are unsatisfied with. A four team playoff is a move in the right direction, but the powers at be are not interested in making the majority happy. They know how good they have it, and hey realize how much money is involved with the system in existence.
The biggest roadblock for a playoff is the Pac 10 and Big 10 Conferences and their relationship with the Rose Bowl. In fact, Rose Bowl officials feel they have already compromised too much in being involved with the BCS, so a playoff is out of the question. Those not involved with either the Pac 10 or Big 10 have other concerns like making College Football a two semester sport and lessen the importance of the regular season.
Look, I have neither the time nor the patience to list the many reasons why that is a bunch of you know what. Nobody seems to mind when the College Hoop season lingers on for three additional weeks while student athletes miss multiple days of school. Face it, this is only about the almighty dollar.
So forget about equality among the programs. Forget about everyone getting a piece of the pie. This is about the Kings in their Castles who still decide who gets the gold and how. Let us never rattle the Pomp and Circumstance that make up the Big Bowl Games. They will tell you how important tradition is, but when it comes down to it, sometimes even good things can improve, even if it means breaking traditions and starting new ones.


Tuesday Ramblings(One day late)

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So now we find out that Roger Clemens is not only an alleged steroid user, but also an alleged pervert. Does Clemens really expect us to believe that everyone is just out to get him and that none of this is true? Come on Roger, that only worked for Lance Armstrong.

Let’s not kid ourselves about Mindy McCready either. It’s no coincidence that this information came out right when she had a new album and some other projects coming and she is trying to put her career back together after a drug arrest. Whatever the motive, I tend to believe it is true.

If I am Billy Ray Cyrus, I’m really hoping Clemens isn’t a Vanity Fair reader.

Now for the weekly American Idol chat. Greg Gaston may be right, maybe the show has run its course. The ratings are down this year and last week’s results show was the lowest rated episode in five years. That’s not the point this week though, if you watched last night’s show you will know what I mean when I say to Paula, “Just say no!”

What a train wreck!

How disappointing have the NBA Playoffs been? I was really excited heading into the postseason, especially with the matchups in the Western Conference. They have all been duds though. The two best series have been the two Eastern Conference series that everyone thought would be sweeps with Detroit-Philadelphia and Boston-Atlanta. I hope the playoffs pick up in round two.

Speaking of the playoffs, my most disappointing performance came from Phoenix. I, like many others, picked the Suns to beat the Spurs and then they lose 4-1. It makes the Shaq trade look like a mistake in the end. I do wonder how things would have went if the Suns had held on to win game 1 like they should have.

I don’t like to grade the NFL draft because frankly I haven’t seen nearly as much of the players as the guys who drafted them, so I assume they know what their doing. I know there will be many busts, but I’m not going to try and guess as to who they’ll be. I prefer to look at the draft about three years down the road to see how teams did. There’s a reason that even someone like Mel Kiper grades all but one team with a B or C, it’s because he knows it gives him a much better shot at being right. When your title is “Draft Expert” you don’t really want to go out on a limb and end up looking like an idiot a couple years from now.

I will offer this analysis of the draft though, if I was Atlanta, I would have taken Brian Brohm in round 2 and Glenn Dorsey at #3 overall rather than take Matt Ryan at #3, but again, those guys put a lot more work into studying the players than I do.

Here are some interesting articles about all time bad draft picks. This one takes a look at each team’s worst first-round pick ever. This one is just a list of the worst first rounders of all time regardless of team.

That will do it for now. Have a good day.

April 27, 2008

Sunday on the Couch

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Before I get to my thoughts of the week, I am stunned by the response I got regarding Bucky Covington.  Women love this guy!  Really?  This guy?

Wow!  He’s a cross between Leif Garrett and my dog!

Here’s what happened to Leif Garrett…..

Hope the same doesn’t occur to Bucky!

You Bucky Covington fans probably think Kellie Pickler is a great country artist as well.  Sure she looks great and all (thanks to a terrific surgeon), but I hope you’re not all falling for her sweet, innocent, and stupid, country girl routine.  She’s a fraud.  If she cries one more time singing “I Wonder”, I think I’m going to throw up!  Also, in response to Peter Edmiston’s classless attack on me, I can’t believe he’d actually write the words, “I Love Bucky Covington.”  You should be embarrassed and apologize to all of your coworkers.  I wanted to respond to his attack via the blog all week, but I thought I’d be a professional about it- something Peter has not been when it comes to Bucky.  Were you saying those things just to impress all of my women listeners?  Didn’t you just get married.  Sorry, maybe I shouldn’t go there.  I shouldn’t be childish like Peter, but HE STARTED IT!  I digress.

On to my thoughts of the week……..

The NFL Draft is over.  Thank goodness.  At least I get another 4 months without Chris Berman screaming at me.  You know who really thinks Chris Berman is funny?  CHRIS BERMAN!  I will not grade this year’s draft, because general managers, coaches, and scouts did a lot more work than I did, so who am I to question their selections?  Give them three years before we decide.  Remember 2 years ago when the Texans were foolish for taking Mario Williams over Reggie Bush?  They’re not looking so foolish now!  What I will grade are the “experts” predictions of the first round.  On Friday, I posted mock drafts from the Sports Bar (Me and Weinberger), Pat Kirwan (, Mel Kiper (ESPN), Pete Prisco (, Clark Judge (, Charley Casserly (CBS Sports), and  Here are the results:

Picks that were dead on: Kiper- 9, Judge- 7, Me- 6, Kirwan-6, 6, Prisco- 5, Casserley- 5, Weinberger- 4.

Number of correct players in the top 10: Me- 9, Kiper- 9, Casserly- 9, Weinberger- 8, Kirwan- 8, Prisco- 8, Judge- 8, 8.

Number of correct players in the first round: Me- 26, Casserly- 26, Kirwan- 25, Prisco- 24, Judge- 24, Kiper- 23, 23, Weinberger- 22.

Biggest stretch pick that wasn’t taken in the first round (actual draft spot): Me- Phillip Merling 21 (32), Weinberger- Calais Campbell 17 (50), Kirwan- Devin Thomas 15 (34), Kiper- Devin Thomas 11 (34), Prisco- Devin Thomas 11 (34), Judge- Devin Thomas 11 (34), Casserly- Devin Thomas 11 (34), Devin Thomas 11 (34).  For the record, I was the only one that did not have Devin Thomas going in the first round. 

It sure looks like I was the best expert this weekend.  What made me even more of an expert is that I didn’t watch a minute of the overrated draft coverage.  What a bore.  It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon so I went and played golf with the world renowned executive chef at FedExForum, Mark the Chef.  We played 18 at T.O. Fuller State Park Golf Course.  I know that it’s labeled as the best kept golfing secret in the mid-south.  It really shouldn’t be.  The course has gotten better every year that I’ve been here.  Plus, it might be the most unique course I’ve ever played.  Between the hills, the doglegs, the blind shots, and the par 3 fourth, you’ll never experience anything like it.  They should label T.O. Fuller as the most unique golfing experience in the Mid-South.  That fourth hole could be argued as the hardest hole on the planet.  It’s not a good hole for my golf game, because there’s danger everywhere.  As a matter of fact, I picked my ball up after 6 shots and three hills climbed.  It was my first outing of the year, and I certainly have a lot of work to do.  I’m thinking of retiring from playing my own ball and going strictly to being a scramble player.

While I was golfing, I had the house cleaned.  Why do we feel the need to clean before the cleaning people come over?  It makes no sense, but I was guilty of it.

John Calipari has some holes to fill on his coaching staff.  His first call should be to Ryan Miller.  Ryan was an end of the pay-scale coach for Cal a few years ago.  He went on to Pepperdine under Vance Walberg, and then to New Mexico under Steve Alford.  Miller did a great job recruiting for both schools and is very familiar with Cal’s system thanks to his time at Memphis and Pepperdine.  No one knows the system as well, and you couldn’t find a better guy to represent the University of Memphis.  I hope to see him on the bench at FedExForum next season.

Were we really supposed to be as shocked as ESPN was when we heard that Josh Howard occasionally smokes weed?  Is that really a big story?  If the Dallas Mavericks want to get rid of him for that, I know a great place he should go.  I’d love to see him knocking down shots for the Grizzlies next year.  In fact, when the Mavs, Nuggets, and Suns all lose, I hope Chris Wallace is on the phone trying to get some players for the Grizzlies.  I’ll take Howard, Brandon Bass, Marcus Camby, Eduardo Najera, JR Smith, Linas Kleiza, or Amare Stoudamire.  Any one of them could help the Grizz and I’m sure a few of them could be had.

Should we pencil in Tracy McGrady on the overrated list?  He is a great player, but has never won a first round playoff series, and has disappeared numerous times in the 4th quarter.  Sure he’s always the focus of the defense and sees plenty of double teams, but he’s a superstar.  He’s supposed to overcome those things.  There’s no room on my team for him.

How can the New York Knicks go through this interviewing process without interviewing Patrick Ewing?  Ewing might not be a great head coach, but he deserves an interview, especially from the Knicks.  One of the all-time great Knicks has at least paid his dues.  What has Marc Jackson done, other than being unlistenable on NBA broadcasts?  What gives him any credibility to be a head coach?  Dwight Howard credits a lot of his success to Ewing.  He’s not just a big man coach either.  He prepares games just like any other assistant.  He’s been coaching for years and deserves the shot.  I don’t know why I am surprised.  They are the New York Knicks- the biggest embarrassment in sports.

Farewell to Swig.  One of my favorite spots in town has closed its doors.  It’s too bad the company hasn’t taken care of the place in Memphis.  It was a great spot for the locals downtown and the bartenders there were some of the best in Memphis.  They always made a great drink and they always remembered you when you came in a second time.  They took care of their customers and always provided a friendly atmosphere.  It’s too bad it’s gone.  The food was great too.  Oh, how I’ll miss those fried olives.  I hope someone buys the place and re-opens it, because I’ve grown a little tired of Beale Street.

There are two horrible movies that I always watch when they’re on.  Not because they’re great movies, but because they’re watchable because of who’s in them.

As a matter of fact, I can’t watch anything with Brendan Fraser or Freddy Prinze- Except these two movies.  Jessica Biel and Liz Hurley are just simply amazing.  It’s worth your time to google images of both.  Guh!  Hurley is one of the all time cougars, while Biel is one of the all time sexy human beings.  Memphis’ own Justin Timberlake certainly stepped up in talent when he dumped the much overrated Cameron Diaz for Jessica.  Kudos JT!

Birthdays this past week:  Jesse Orosco (51), Tony Danza (57- seems just yesterday he was cleaning for Moner, Angela, Samanta, and Jonatin), Glen Campbell (72), Jack Nicholson (71), Chipper Jones (36), Barbara Streisand (66), Kelly Clarkson (26- Bucky wishes he had her success), Tim Duncan (32), Al Pacino (68), Renee Zellweger (39- sour puss), Carol Burnett (74), Chuck Knox (76), Kasey Kasem (76), Sheena Easton (49- former cougar).

Have a great week.

April 25, 2008

NFL Mock Draft

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Below are the NFL first round Mock Draft’s for The SportsBar (Fish and Weinberger), along with Pat Kirwan (, Mel Kiper (, The Sports Xchange, Pete Prisco (, Clark Judge (, Charley Casserly (CBS Sports), *Denotes majority pick.  Some picks- 6, 12, 15, 28- had a tie.  One player (Tyrell Johnson was the majority pick in 2 spots- 30, 32) 

             Fish         Weinberger    Kirwan          Kiper           Prisco           Judge         Casserley         Scout

  1. J. Long*       J. Long*         J. Long*        J. Long*       J. Long*       J. Long*       J. Long*        J. Long*
  2. C. Long*     C. Long*       C. Long*      C. Long*      C. Long*      C. Long*       C. Long*       Dorsey
  3. Dorsey*      Dorsey*         Dorsey*       Dorsey*       Dorsey*       Dorsey*       Dorsey*         Ryan
  4. McFadden* Gholston       McFadden*   Gholston     McFadden*  McFadden*  McFadden*   McFadden*
  5. Gholston*    Ryan            Gholston*     Harvey        Clady           Clady          Gholston*     C. Long
  6. Ellis             McFadden*   McKelvin      McFadden*   Ryan*         Gholston*     Ryan*          Gholston*
  7. Rivers*         Ellis              Ryan             Ellis            Gholston      Rivers*        Mayo            Rivers*
  8. Ryan*           Clady            Ellis             Ryan*          McKelvin      Ryan*          Clady            Jenkins
  9. Harvey         Rivers           Rivers           Rivers         Ellis*             Ellis*           Ellis*            Ellis*
  10. McKelvin*    Cromartie     Albert           McKelvin*   Rivers          McKelvin*     Rivers         McKelvin*
  11. Cromartie    Harvey          Harvey       D. Thomas*  D. Thomas* D.Thomas*  D. Thomas* D. Thomas*
  12. Clady*          Otah             Clady*          Albert        Stewart*      C. Williams* C. Williams*  Stewart*
  13. Otah            C. Williams   C. Williams   Stewart      Harvey*         Harvey*       Harvey*         Harvey*
  14. C. Williams  Mendenhall  Otah*            C.Williams  Albert           Otah*           Otah*            Clady
  15. Mendenhall* Talib           D. Thomas     Mayo*         Mayo*          Mayo*        Mendenhall*  Mendenhall*
  16. Jenkins         Jenkins       Cromartie*     Jenkins       Cromartie*   Cromartie*  F. Jones       Cromartie*
  17. Albert*        Campbell      Jenkins          Clady          Jenkins        Albert*         Albert*           Otah
  18. Talib            Cherilus       Stewart      Mendenhall* Mendenhall* Mendenhall* McKelvin       Albert
  19. Phillips        D. Jackson   Hardy             Otah*          Otah*          Cherilus       Stewart          Talib
  20. Stewart        McKelvin      Cason           Talib          D. Jackson*    Jenkins     D. Jackson*      Hardy
  21. Merling*        Merling*     Phillips        Cromartie     Merling*       Merling*      Merling*         Sweed
  22. F. Jones*       M. Kelly     Mendenhall    F. Jones*       Talib           F. Jones*     Cromartie      F. Jones*
  23. Cherilus*       Albert        Cherilus*        Balmer        Balmer         Stewart        Cherilus*       Merling
  24. D. Jackson     Sweed*        Sweed*         Merling       Sweed*         Balmer         Sweed*        D. Jackson
  25. Keller*           F. Davis       Balmer         Campbell     M. Kelly        Keller*         Keller*            Keller*
  26. Balmer         D. Thomas   Merling         J. Jones        F. Jones     J. Charles     L. Jackson*    L. Jackson*
  27. S. Baker        Flowers*      F. Jones        Flowers*     C. Williams  Flowers*      Jenkins        C. Williams
  28. M. Kelly*       F. Jones        Talib            Hardy*          Brohm         Hardy*       J. Charles      M. Kelly*
  29. Mayo*            Mayo*         Mayo*          M. Kelly       Cherilus     D. Jackson     Balmer         Cherilus
  30. T. Johnson* T. Johnson*  Flowers         Cason           Cason       T. Johnson*   Cason        T. Johnson*
  31. NO PICK       NO PICK      NO PICK       NO PICK       NO PICK       NO PICK      NO PICK       NO PICK
  32. Flowers       L. Jackson   T. Johnson*  T. Johnson*  T. Johnson*    Phillips       Phillips         Groves

Enjoy the draft.  I’ll be playing golf!  Best chances, according to our Mock Drafts, of Chris Berman calling out the first stretch:

  • Fish- Harvey
  • Weinberger- Ryan
  • Kirwan- McKelvin
  • Kiper- Harvey
  • Prisco- Thomas
  • Judge- Thomas
  • Casserly- Mayo
  • Scout- Jenkins

3 things to get annoyed with during the coverage- Boomer running out of breath, Mort saying “My sources”, and Kiper talking 40 times.  My advice- If you really want to watch, TiVo it and watch it later.  We’ll compare our mock drafts and give you the scorecard Sunday on the Couch. 

Don’t Miss Out on the Best Playoffs in Pro Sports

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It may not be the war of the worlds over Bucky Covington, but there’s been alot of talk recently over whether hockey is relevant or not. To me, it’s a pretty easy answer, of course it is. For anyone who doesn’t think hockey matters, I have two suggestions. First of all, give it a full opportunity, go to a game. Second, if you saw the sport years ago and wrote it off, give it a second chance. The NHL is arguably better now then at any point in the league’s history.
Even though its not my favorite sport (that would be football), I’ve always said hockey is the most exciting sport around. As a lifelong New Jersey Devils fan, I’ve been to games with plenty of people who had never been hockey fans, or even been to a game before. Not one of them walked out of the arena without becoming a fan. The nearly constant action, high speed, and amazing talents required in the sport makes it too exciting to not enjoy, even to someone who has never seen it before. To hear someone say that hockey is boring in a country who’s “national pastime” is baseball is appalling to me.
Unfortunately, like baseball, hockey doesn’t really translate well to TV. The speed of the game, and the importance of action across the entire ice surface mean it can be tough to watch on TV for casual fans. But of course, there is a simple solution to this, don’t sit at home and watch the game on TV, go see it in person, the way it was meant to be seen. Unfortunately, the closest team playing at the highest level is a 3 hour drive away in Nashville, but we do have the Riverkings playing just down in Southaven. Keep in mind that the Riverkings are playing at what would be considered the AA level in baseball, but go check out a game at the DCC and I think you’ll come away a fan. Worst case scenario, you spend a night out with friends or family for just a couple bucks more then going to a movie.
As I said earlier, the NHL is better now then perhaps ever before. History will show that hockey’s strike a few years is the only strike is sports history that was good for the sport. First of all, the league got lucky and had two great talents go pro at the same time, just after the strike. The Penguins Sidney Crosby and the Capitals Alexander Ovechkin each made their NHL debuts upon the NHL’s return to the ice in 2005. 20 year old Crosby won the Hart Trophy last year, as the league’s MVP, and 23 year old Ovechkin likely will win it this year. Having the best player in the game be under 25 is nearly unheard of in sports, but to have the best two guys in the game both be under 25 is something I don’t think has ever happened before in professional sports.
The second reason the strike was good for the game is that it forced the league to
make rule changes in an attempt to bring back fans. Even sports’ worst commissioner could tell the game needed changes, and Gary Bettman made them. The league returned with a salary cap, but just as important were rule changes to open up the game and bring more excitement to an already exciting sport. Two line passes were now legal, bringing even more speed to the game. Clutching and grabbing were enforced much tighter, allowing players more freedom to move on the ice. Ties were broken with shootouts, making the end of games even more exciting. The result is that hockey is a much different sport then it was even just 5 years ago, and fans have responded.
Some people love to rip the NHL for pathetic TV ratings, but that has much more to do with the games being on Versus then America’s lack of interest in the game. Attendance at NHL games is higher then its even been before, not only in total attendance, but in average attendance as well. In fact, average attendance in the NHL and NBA were within 100 fans per game for the season just completed.
A few days ago, Tyler McClellan asked here if you are missing out on boxing. I have to ask the same about hockey. The best playoffs in pro sports are going on right now, with the NHL competing for sport’s best trophy. The crop of young talent in the league means it will be great for years to come. Imagine being able to rewind the clock and catch the NBA in the early days of Magic vs. Bird. That is what we have now in the NHL. If you miss it, don’t say you weren’t warned.

April 24, 2008

I Think Bucky Covington is Awesome

Having read the response to Rob Fischer’s classless ripping of country superstar Bucky “The Buckman” Covington, I just want to make it perfectly clear that I think Bucky Covington is one of the greatest artists in the history of country music – no, ANY music.  The Buckman combines the lyrical brilliance of John Lennon with the down home style of George Strait and throws in the music arrangement of a young Mozart to boot.  Just look at him!

If that mustache and soul patch don’t say “Soulful Country Legend-in-the-Making”, I don’t know what does.  Looking into his eyes is like looking into the eyes of country music itself!  Remember, “I’ll Walk” is burning up the phones!  Bucky is way better than that clown Daughtry or these nobodies on American Idol this year.

Anyway, I just wanted to make Bucky Nation aware that I have no problem with Bucky and I am just shocked and appalled that Rob Fischer does.  Fish is an ass.


April 23, 2008

Idol Chat

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I’m sitting around in the sports office at Fox 13 waiting to go on the air, and ofcourse American Idol is on the tube. (I think the show is on every night, but I digress). I am not a regular viewer of the show, but when it’s right under your nose, you may as well take a gander. My question is…why is the show so big? My Sports56 Middays co-host Eli Savoie lives for this show. I think it’s o.k., but doesn’t it get old year after year?
This particular show brought out one of those typical “scratch your head” Paula Abdul comment. I take it one of the favorites was in the last two in voting and Abdul was visibly upset that she may get tossed. Abdul said she believes the remaining contestants all have their own fan base and that’s why someone superior in her mind could be voted in the bottom two.
Well, what the hell does that mean? They ofcourse have their own group of fans. How about that weird dude from last season, and that William Hung character. Letting fans vote is fine, but like some Pro Sports League’s All-Star Games, don’t cry when a deserving person is left out, or in this case, knocked off the show. The only real treat on that show is listing to a little “Simon Say”. That guy has some coconuts.
Anyway, I need to get to work. And for the record, Savoie is starting up that young kid’s fan club. You know the one. See Eli for details.

April 22, 2008

Tuesday Ramblings

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So I promised our producer and resident hockey fan Tyler McLellan that I would watch the NHL Playoffs if, and only if, a game 7 went to overtime. Well, low and behold it happened tonight between Philadelphia and Washington and yes, Tyler, after I finally found the VS. channel, I watched. I am not a hockey fan, but I can appreciate what goes into a game 7 overtime. The fact that the next goal scored decides whose season continues and whose comes to an end is amazing. The idea of sudden death in a win or go home game is exciting no matter what sport you’re watching. Well, except maybe soccer. Philadelphia won by the way.

Now, some TV thoughts for the week.

I’m so glad that the Hollywood writers’ strike is over. It’s good to have new shows on once again. My top 5 non-reality shows are as follows:
1. The Office
2. Boston Legal
3. Entourage
4. How I Met Your Mother
5. Dirt

Should I feel bad about myself if I Tivo “The Rock of Love with Brett Michaels” and “The Hills” every week?

I have never liked a show I’ve hated more than “The Hills,” if you know what I’m saying.

David Archuleta is a lock to win “American Idol.” If he went on stage and just smiled and stared into the camera, he would get enough votes to advance. At least he is a very good singer and it’s not just his popularity with teenage girls that is going to get him through.

It looks like the Jimmy Smits show “Cane” on CBS is probably done. That’s disappointing because it was a great show. Not sure why people didn’t watch it.

Greg Gaston disagrees, but I think it’s easier to win $1 million on “Deal or No Deal” than it is on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” Although it’s extremely difficult on both.

Speaking of “Deal or No Deal,” it is the perfect show to illustrate the beauty of Tivo. When you fast forward through all the commercials and other B.S. from Howie Mandel, you can watch a one-hour episode in about 20 minutes and you won’t miss any of the important stuff.

Finally, on another sports related note, Marty Brennaman thinks Cubs fans are obnoxious. Well, do obnoxious fans almost choke to death during a hot dog eating contest in the bleachers?(see below) Do obnoxious fans offend people with offensive T-Shirts supposed to honor their new Japanese right fielder? I think not! Take that Brennaman and Go Cubs Go! Fukudomania is sweeping the country!

Sunday on the Couch (Most of the Day)

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Summer is officially underway!!  How could you stay on the couch on such a gorgeous Sunday?  Plus, it was Crafwfish Festival.  It’s my favorite festival in town, because the weather is always perfect and it’s the start of the Fest season!  People came out in droves to eat the mud bugs and get their first sun burn of the year, except for the fake bakers!!  Many reasons why I love The Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival- it’s for a great cause, the families and children served by Porter-Leath, the people are so friendly, the sun shines bright, the beer is cold, and the crawfish are dead. 

Might bring the twins up to the Regal Begal to meet Larry later!

Might bring the twins up to the Regal Beagle to meet Larry!

This is my friend Joe.  He was my friend until I ripped his tail off and sucked on his head!

This is what it looks like when you get started.  Afterwards, your hands are that color while the meat and rub are stuck in your fingernails for about a week and a half!

I like to compare eating crawfish to my golf game.  There’s a lot of effort for a little result.  However, it’s a beautiful day with friends, cold drinks, and I’d rather be there than the office.  Hope you enjoyed it if you were there.  If not, plan on it next year!

When are we going to get new horns on the trolley’s in town?  Is there a more screeching miserable sound?

Great fight Saturday night in Las Vegas.  Joe Calzaghe (45-0) beat up old man Bernard Hopkins (48-5-1).  I give credit to Hopkins for hanging in there and not going down, but the fight wasn’t close.  For it to be scored a split-decision was embarrassing!  Calzaghe was terrific and pounding Bernard while Bernard was kind of classless with his hidden low blows and his 5 minute timeout after getting hit just below the belt- JUST below the belt.  Regardless, it was a great bout and I recommend you watching when it reruns on HBO.

Colorado Avalanche centre Joe Sakic led the Av’s to the 2nd round of the NHL Playoffs and he is certainly regarded as a great hockey player.  I think he’s been an underrated player.  Sakic should be mentioned with the all-time greats.  In his 18-year tenure (all with the Lanche), Sakic won Lord Stanley’s Cup twice, has been voted into 13 All Star Games, has twice scored 50 goals, and earned at least 100 points in six different seasons.  After last season, he was the 9th all-time points leader in the NHL, as well as 14th in all-time goals, and 11th in all-time assists.  At the 2002 Winter Olympics, Sakic helped lead Team Canada to its first gold medal in 50 years, and was voted as the tournament’s most valuable player.  In 2001, Sakic was named the MVP of the NHL.  I think he’s the 2nd best captain in NHL history behind Steve Yzerman.

Watched the CMA Awards on CMT last week.  Billy Ray Cyrus should have never been popular.  He should definitely not be popular now!  Thanks to his little pride and joy, Billy Ray is letting us in on his musical abilities, or lack there of.  His performance with Miley was such a trainwreck, you had to see it to believe it.  And what’s the fascination with her?  You know who loves Miley Cyrus?  MILEY CYRUS!  And Billy Ray, because she’s already more popular than he ever was in his Achy Breaky Heart days.  You know who loves Billy Ray?  NO ONE!  Why are people so enamored with her?  I feel like they driving their camper from city to city, counting their money, and robbing America!

Speaking of robbing America, the Riches is a very good TV show on FX every Tuesday at 9pm.  Minnie Driver is spectacular!

Back to the CMA’s- Leann Rimes is amazing!

Carrie Underwood is flawless!  Flawless I say.  Tony Romo might not think so, but he’s an idiot.  I’d marry her tomorrow if she is interested.


Why does anyone ever listen to anything Bucky Covington sings?  He’s terrible and tough to look at.  How he ever made the final 12 on American Idol is amazing.  How he has a music career is even more amazing.

Tried to give the show Monk a chance now that it’s on NBC.  Not a fan.  Don’t see too much humor in it at all.  The most redeeming quality is Traylor Howard. 

Whiner’s of the week- certainly the New York Yankees.  Are you really that upset that there was a Red Sox jersey buried under the stadium?  Get over it!  They actually tore the place apart because they didn’t want a curse.  A CURSE?  Really?  A Curse?  Really?  You could have said the guy was lying and he’s been reprimanded.  They’re actually contemplating pressing charges.  Thank goodness the story has gone away.

Very disappointed in the Pistons performance in Game 1.  How bout trying?  There was never a sense of urgency.  Good for Mo Cheeks and the Sixers.  They should have been swept in this series.  To win game 1 was a feat.  The Pistons should be ashamed.  They’re much better than that.  It goes to show you that you can’t just show up and win. 

Here are first round NBA picks from Sports56 staffers (myself, Will Askew, Jeff Weinberger, Eli Savoie, and Ron Tillery), Grizzlies assistant coach Dave Joerger, and the world renowned Executive Chef of FedExForum Mark Mabry.  The number following the team is number of games predicted.  Coach Joerger did not supply games.

                                           Fish     Will     Jeff     Eli       Ron   Coach  Chef

1Lakers- 8Nuggets             LAL5   LAL5   LAL5   LAL6   LAL6   LAL    LAL5 

2Hornets- 7Mavericks        NO7    NO7    DAL7  NO7    NO6    NO    NO6

3Spurs- 6Suns                    PHX7   PHX7   SA6    PHX7   PHX7   PHX  PHX7

4Rockets- 5Jazz                 UTA5   UTA5   UTA6  UTA6  HOU7  UTA  UTA5

1Celtics- 8Hawks               BOS4   BOS5    BOS5  BOS4   BOS5   BOS  BOS4

2Pistons- 7Sixers               DET4   DET5   DET5   DET5   DET4  DET  DET5

3Magic- 6Raptors               TOR6   ORL6   ORL6   ORL6   ORL5  ORL  ORL6

4Cavs- 5Wizards                WAS7   CLE7    WAS7  WAS6   CLE6  CLE   CLE5

Birthdays this week: Loretta Lynn (73) Pete Rose (67) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (61) Charlie Chaplin (119) Boomer Esiason (47) Daffy Duck (71) Conan O’Brien (45) Ashley Judd (40- COUGAR!) Paula Abdul (46) Carmen Electra (36- COUGAR!) Don Mattingly (47)

Have a good week.  Don’t forget the Memphis Roller Derby Championship is this Saturday at the Mid South Fairgrounds.  Doors open at 6, the bout starts at 7 and features The Women of Mass Destruction against The Angels of Death!  Adults- $10 / Kids- $5 / 5 and Under- Free.  CAN’T WAIT!  See you there.

April 21, 2008

Oh the NFL Draft…

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I’ll admit it! I’m a sucker for the NFL Draft. Ok, I’ve gotten to the point where year after year I’ll take a glance at the latest mock drafts (Has mock ever been used in a more appropriate context?) on certain websites just to get a look at whom they think the Eagles will take. I used to really study them and make decisions based on them, but after numerous drafts in which my picks have not correlated with the Eagles’, I’ve taken a different approach. For the most part, I try to use my logic about Philly’s draft tendencies (look towards the future, ala Kevin Kolb in 2007) and their general history (they love offensive and defensive linemen) rather than what I immediately want (a “big play receiver” or a cornerback).

Still, Mock drafts on some sites amuse me to no end, because I wonder how many of these “experts” have ample game film seen every player they claim to know. Few writers have actually taken the time to figure out what teams need and actually broken out the game film on the prospects. Still, there is one site you really should check out if you’re looking to gain some legitimate information on NFL Draft prospects: Cut and paste this site, click on the link, whatever. It’s not the most glamorous site by any means, but its content seems to be the most legitimate. It’s run by Tommy Lawlor, who has been trained in the art of scouting and player evaluation and provides quality profiles on some 300 prospects, including many small school guys. I’m enamored with the site, and not just cause Lawlor is an Eagles fan. He notes the schemes and teams in which prospects would be best served. Take the site’s evaluation of LSU cornerback Chevis Jackson: “Does not have the speed to play man in the NFL without regular Safety help. Probably needs to play in a Cover 2 scheme where his ability to jam receivers and also to play the ball would be a good fit” ( I’m not saying this guy is perfect because nobody is going to accurately evaluate every player and decision. Still, He’s not just trying to match players with teams to sound intelligent. When i need to gleam information on a player, I’d rather look at Scouts Notebook, which is at least run by people who have seen some film on these players and know what to look for. There’s probably a reason they’re not real scouts, but they know more than this member of the Media (and probably many more) in terms of evaluating players (heck, i’m following their lead in terms of what to analyze).

Sites like have projected the Eagles taking a Linebacker, which really perplexes me because the Eagles never really put significant stock into them. In the Andy Reid-Jim Johnson era, they have NEVER taken a linebacker in the first round, and they have a healthy stable of young studs at the position in OMAR Gaither (will be entering his third year in 2008), Steward Bradley (will be entering his second year in ’08), and Chris Gocong (will be entering his third year in ’08), along with Akeem Jordan and Pago Togafau sitting as young reserves (both will be entering their second years in ’08). Sure they may well draft a linebacker later in the draft to compete for a roster spot, but I do not envision the Eagles wasting a first round pick on that position. Instead, I’d presume they’ll do what they always do: address the lines. They have eleven draft picks already, and may package disgruntled cornerback Lito Sheppard in a trade to move up in the draft and draft an Offensive Tackle (likely Vandy’s Chris Williams, or Boise State’s Ryan Clady or UVA’s Brandon Albert should they fall). Then again, they could be thinking something else (maybe trade down for a DT like UNC’s Kentwan Balmer, or trade up for one like USC’s Sedrick Ellis). Then again, this is the draft and this is the Eagles. I didn’t envision us selecting QB Kevin Kolb last year or Offensive Lineman Shawn Andrews back in 2004. Hell, maybe they will take a linebacker of a runingback, this the Eagles my friends, and they have made decisions in games and in player moves which make me just scream “What the **** are we doing? Still my educated hunch says they’ll draft an offensive or defensive lineman.

Birdfeed: The Flyers just blew a 2-0 2nd period lead to the Capitals in Game 6 from Philly. Here we go again. We’re about to lose a series after leading 3-1…I must say i was impressed with the Sixers’ win in Game 1 against Detroit. They played great defense, especially in the second half, and they held Detroit to just 32% from the field in the game. Still, I’m not going to get too carried away. It’s not like they eliminated Detroit (as some obnoxious channels seem to be treating the win).

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