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March 26, 2008

Peter’s in Houston

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I am writing from beautiful Houston, Texas.  This city is absolutely enormous and sprawling.  Apparently no one told these people down here about zoning laws…they can be useful in keeping cities from turning into giant urban nightmares.  For those who have never been here, the thing you need to know about Houston is that it was designed by a civil engineer who simply hates everyone.  There can be no other reason why everything is so far from everything else.  Just assume that if you want something in Houston, it’s probably a good 20 minutes away.  Water, food, oxygen, whatever.

After an 8 and a half hour drive, I’m here, and I’m glad to be in my room and not in a car.  The drive is actually not all that bad, but the fact that at least 3 hours of the journey come on various highways and through small towns makes it tougher than most.  Fortunately, I had several audiobooks to keep me occupied on the trip.  Don’t know how people traveled without ’em.

I also wanted to add that as soon as I turned on the TV in my room, there was an ad for some place in Houston called (and I am not making this up), “The Dump”.  Let’s play a little quiz called “What the hell can you buy at The Dump?”

  • A. Garbage cans/garbage accessories
  • B. Enemas
  • C. Secondhand junk
  • D. Actual poop
  • E. Oriental rugs

If you said, E. Oriental rugs, you are correct and are insane.  Could someone please explain to me why on Earth a rug retailer would choose a name like “The Dump” as opposed to a name like, I dunno, any other name in the world?  Wait, don’t answer that.  I don’t actually care.

So I’m here and I will be providing on-site coverage of all the things surrounding the Tigers and their matchup on Friday with Michigan State.  I’m fascinated already by what Tom Izzo has claimed – that his team will attempt to run with Memphis – and fully expect that he’s playing mind games.  No chance he and the Spartans run much at all.  I’ll give you more of my thoughts on the game tomorrow after I get some interviews and talk to coaches and confidantes.

If you want some George-style restaurant commentary, I just might be able to give you some later on.  For now, I will tell you my priority lies in finding the nearest Whataburger to my current location.  There is no fast food burger that can come close to the majesty of the Whataburger.  Anytime I’m in Texas, I head straight for it.  Also, Taco Cabana is brilliant – it’s open all night and serves fantastic Mexican food.  Way better than that garbage Taco Bell throws at you.  Plus, the pickings are a bit slim at 3 am, so when you get something halfway decent, it’s great.

Tomorrow’s Games:

UNC 80 Washington State 65 –  As much as I really like what Tony Bennett has done on the bench (and on the mic with his silky-smooth velvet tones), this is where it ends.  UNC will be able to force the tempo on the more deliberate Washington State squad, although not to the degree they did against MSM or Arkansas.  Tywon Lawson is back and he, Wayne Ellington (when he’s on), and Tyler Hansbrough are unstoppable.

Tennessee 83 Louisville 78 – I know.  Homer pick, right?  Not really.  While Louisville has been playing so very well lately, consider their performances in the tourney have come against Boise State and a horribly overseeded Oklahoma.  I don’t think they’re quite as good as those performances suggest.  And Tennessee acquitted itself quite well, all things considered, against Butler, as they broke in a new point guard who is not accustomed to the spotlight or the position, and got a resurgent performance from Ramar Smith in OT to(in my mind) make him the likely starting PG tomorrow night.  Tennessee gets hot and they move on.

UCLA 55 Western Kentucky 50 – More ugly basketball from the Bruins, but it will be enough to get the win against a scrappy but talented WKU team.  With the status of Josh Shipp and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (please someone call in and ask Weinberger to pronounce that name) a bit uncertain, and with UCLA’s ability to go ice cold from the field for hours at a time, this is going to be a low-scoring, ugly game.  But UCLA will win, as UCLA always seems to do.

West Virginia 73 Xavier 64 – West Virginia is simply playing too well right now to overlook.  Xavier’s got great guard play and is a really tough-minded team, but I love the way West Virginia is playing right now.  Throw in Bob Huggins’ history in Cincinnati playing against Xavier, and this is a really interesting game.  Joe Alexander is the real deal and Xavier will struggle to hold him down.  Though it’s not the same without beastman Kevin Pittsnogle, West Virginia moves on.


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