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March 19, 2008

THE Official Sports 56 Blog is Here, Baby!

Filed under: blog, ncaa tourney, sports 56 — Peter Edmiston @ 10:43 pm

A big welcome to all of you who are checking this out for the very first time – it’s something new and big we’re going to be implementing over the next few weeks. In one form or another, almost all of us on the station have had our own blogs. Some of them are currently collecting dust (or whatever it is that unused things collect on the Internet), and some of them are still going strong…but we’ve never had one unified place where everyone associated with Sports 56 can post thoughts, ideas, pictures, videos – whatever they want, whenever they want.

And with the NCAA Tournament coming up, you can expect some of my thoughts and impressions from the tourney sites around the country. Wherever the Tigers go, I will go…camera in hand. I don’t know what to tell you to expect, because I really don’t know myself. But it will be awesome, count on that.

Eventually you’ll see Will Askew, Eli Savoie (when he can separate himself from the moneymaking machine that is, Tyler McLellan, and more posting here not just about the tourney, but any and everything they want.

Bookmark it.

Between this and the new, we’re taking the Internet by storm.


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